Practice Makes Perfect… Or Does It?

You've heard the saying, “practice makes perfect”.

Is that true? How do we qualify being perfect? Is that possible?

The biggest thing that comes with the perception that things need to be perfect is resistance and procrastination of getting that thing started. It stops more of us than helps.

Can you imagine a time in your life that you were planning to do something, but you never got started because becoming really great at it seemed too far off? Writing used to be one for me. Singing is something that most of us never really try because we don't think we're any good at it.

So, how good has the thought of being perfect helped us to achieve the things we want in life. It doesn't!

If you choose to have perfection as a goal, then you need to reframe it and be excited about accomplishments along the way.

Just remember that you can strive for perfection, yet perfection is never.

The way I got over my perfection syndrome of writing is that I just sat down and did the work. I now do it every day in some form. The only bit of planning I do for these sessions is emailing myself one thought that I can elaborate on. I barely edit these and usually just re-read it once.

That's how I think we should all approach things that we truly desire. If it's something that we want, we should just get started with it. Get into your flow. Lead with a foot that is “good enough” and get the ball moving. Put in the work. Don't ask those “what if” questions (at least too much) because you'll end up paralyzing your progress.

Strive to be greater than the day before. You'll never be able to fail with that attitude and approach to life. No one is ever perfect.