Why You Need To Get Away From Technology – Rob Nunnery

What is it about being a rambler that can make you an incredible success in life? While it may have taken Rob Nunnery 10 years and two pain-filled “breakdowns” to figure it out, he most certainly has an answer.  And, it may not be one that you expect from this former technology driven junkie.

In today’s episode, Rob explains how shutting off his money faucet at the beginning of 2017 was the proudest moment of his life. He also explains how the keys he found to freedom, peace and a happy life are all wrapped up into one word that to many of us seems like a long-lost art-presence.

Listen in as we discover more about mindset, work-life balance, making aligned decisions, technology detox baby steps, and how to feel human again. If you enjoy listening to Rob’s version of how to get more present and pursuing your true passions, you’ll probably feel pretty aligned listening in on our recent episodes with Ori Bengal and Marx Acosta-Rubio.

After 10 years, the pain was finally greater than the comfort I had in the 9 to 5 job… I feel like until people get to that point, they won’t ever make that jump.” – Rob Nunnery

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Rob got Matt to feel fear and excitement all at once
  • Is getting your daily fix of tech as addictive as a drug?
  • When you know it’s time to make the leap to something else in business
  • Matt’s sign from the Universe that it’s time for another tech time out
  • Why frameworks have no business in the business of mindset discussions
  • What office addiction did Joe quit cold turkey?
  • How an impulsive plan trip  + a supportive spouse = life breakthrough #1
  • How that same plan trip + too much screen time = life breakthrough #2
  • Guess who rocked his phone to sleep on his chest like a baby every night? (Trick question alert!)
  • This one magic writing exercise helps you discover what matters to you most
  • Why it’s okay not to have all the answers when you make a leap
  • How “alone in the woods” can be the best medicine
  • What 15 different jobs in 15 different cities will teach you about your DNA
  • Once you’ve done this, it’s hard not to judge others at a restaurant
  • Things, stuff and the pursuit of happiness
  • Doing this one thing when you first wake up can be just the digital detox baby step you need
  • Nothing beats pen and paper for finding your own answers


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