Videos Games: The Key To Financial Freedom?

In today’s episode, we breakdown the big transformation we’ve made in the business.

We’re all-in on gaming and we think that, after this episode, you’ll fully understand why.

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What we’ve been doing for the past month we’ve been gone
  • The 3 current real world applications of crypto
  • The area of crypto we’ve gotten most rekt in
  • Where we’re focused to create generational wealth
  • Earning income through playing video games
  • How companies like Facebook make money off you
  • Pay-To-Play vs Pay-To-Win vs Play-To-Earn
  • Why digital marketers are so valuable to this space
  • The importance of KOLs (and what they are)
  • How Axie Infinity is creating new livlihoods
  • The concept and massive power of gaming guilds
  • Why you might want to invest in pretend horses
  • The new business we’re creating in this space

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