How To Prepare For A Transition From Day Job To Entrepreneur – Steve Glaveski

Steve Glaveski

He used to be a creative kid, even headlined the local heavy-metal club when he was older, but somehow Steve Glaveski ended up in corporate banking, staring at the vacant office spaces in the corner. That’s when the business idea that would get him work and lifestyle freedom finally hit.

Steve founded Hotdesk, one of the first office sharing companies in Australia, which brought in the revenue he needed to transition from corporate life to spending his time pursuing what he loves. Now he’s teaching people how to make entrepreneurship part of their lives too, not only adults but also kids young as 8. Kids who are already raking in thousands a month from websites started in his classes.

Listen in as Steve Glaveski tells the guys how to get your mind and business in shape to jump out of your day job, the right tests to find out if you have a viable business, and how a cold shower maximizes your productivity. When you’re done, get more advice about how to free yourself from the rat race with Corona Brady and David Allen.

A lot of the time we hold ourselves back… because we’re scared of how it might make us feel if we fail, but if you’re cool with that it just opens you up to so much more.”– Steve Glaveski

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get the funds to quit your job
  • The biological predispositions that most entrepreneurs have
  • 3 things your mindset needs to make the jump
  • A method to test your product for free (before you double down on the wrong idea!)
  • Why “vision” is necessary to shoot down the competition
  • The habits from your day job that are holding you back
  • How to know if you’re making too much work for yourself
  • PCOATS: A framework for max productivity (H&F Exclusive)
  • Why you should take a cold shower every morning
  • What tasks you need to outsource to get your business off the ground
  • Crafting ads that will also refine your product
  • How to use a podcast to get you access and scale your business


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