Therapy Sessions – The Stuff Entrepreneurs Are Scared To Talk About

therapy sessions

We’re back again, and on this episode, it’s just us as we dive into another round of our  Therapy Sessions. First off, we review how we are continuing to be on the forefront of all that is in the podcasting world and how podcasting continues to be a content machine which can lead to so many monetization models such as newsletters, high ticket offers, sponsorships and continuity offers. 

Next, we are not holding back as we talk about how we both have struggled with stress and anxiety in the past, what we have done and are doing now to combat that, leaving us to feel much better current day.  We feel that this is an issue that is not always discussed in today’s world, but really needs to be and we look into our personal lives a little more to talk about the things that all of us, as entrepreneurs deal with along with the practices that have made a big difference in our lives, in our relationships, health and overall well-being. Remember – as entrepreneurs, you are not alone.

When you’re done, check out the episodes we did with Travis Ketchum and Sam Khorramian where we delve into this important topic even more.

“Isn’t it funny how much better business works when you build things people want instead of what you think they want.” – Matt Wolfe

Google is indexing not only the show notes but they are actually indexing podcast audios now. There’s this interesting wave now.” – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to deal with struggles and hardships
  • Why we are in the barrel of podcasting now and how to catch that wave
  • Matt’s heartfelt Facebook post and the most surprising outcome about it
  • Why podcasting is not going away and how you can monetize it
  • Why so many people have reached out to us lately to assist them with their own podcasts
  • Tips and method for breathing, journaling and generally taking care of your health
  • And much, much more!


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