Therapy Session – Who Are We Even Talking To?

Therapy Session: Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

You asked for it, so by popular request, we are back with one of our Therapy Sessions! We recently put out a survey and today we want to chat about some of the responses, as well as the changes we’re making to our podcast and the business as a result of the survey. We talk about what our listeners say they love and some of the things they would rather see and hear and how this relates to the content we’ll focus on moving ahead. We also discuss how we put our survey together, how we defined our customer avatar, and some folks that are assisting us as we “outsource our thinking”. 

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The obvious things people want are tactics. Then the second thing is the strategy. Then we have the mindset that it is like the glue that holds all this stuff together.” – Joe Fier

I love the tactical stuff, but what I think has created the results for our business the most and grown our business the most has been getting the mental things in order – overcoming challenges, obstacles, mental money blocks, things like that.” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The topics listeners said they wanted more of
  • The topics and discussions you guys hated
  • How we’re revamping and overhauling this show
  • The types of podcasts we spend our time listening to
  • How we created our survey and why we asked these questions
  • The listener avatar that we landed on and how we came to it
  • Which famous author Joe’s family is related to
  • What’s next for these Therapy Sessions and how to get more of them
  • The good, bad, and the ugly (no, it’s really not Joe) results of our survey
  • The best way to define your own customer avatar

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