The Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands

Mohamed Ezeldin Animoca Brands

We’re experimenting with a new format (again). This time we’re testing shorter, to the point, conversations with thought leaders in the blockchain space.

In this episode of our “Blockchain Conversations” series, we’re chatting with Mohamed Ezeldin, the Tokenomics Lead for Animoca Brands.

This episode is jam-packed with gold nuggets. Have a notepad ready because Mohamed’s going to give you a masterclass on how to approach this world of Web3 gaming.

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Some Topics We Discussed with Mohamed Ezeldin Include:

  • What does a “Head of Tokenomics” do?
  • The overlap between CRISPR and gaming
  • The balance between gaming and finance
  • The battle between Web2 and Web3 gamers
  • How to make a game sustainable
  • Where is “play-to-earn” going?
  • How Animoca is shifting their approach to games
  • Upcoming Animoca projects to keep an eye on
  • What to look for in games as an investor
  • Major red flags to look for and avoid
  • eSports and sports getting into crypto
  • Alpha straight from Animoca
  • And much more!

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