The 3 Companies We’re Paying Attention To (And Why)

In this episode, we’re going back to basics. No guests, no game breakdowns… Just Matt and Joe breaking down where their attention is focused.

Tune in and learn what companies to be paying attention to in the blockchain-gaming space and why we believe that they’re set to be household names one day.

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Our content factory
  • Why we’re so focused on creating this content
  • Where the opportunities live right now
  • How we spend our days at “the office”
  • Living out a childhood dream
  • A breakdown of the the UST/Terra collapse
  • The silver lining of the Terra Luna crash
  • The biggest problem with DAOs
  • Are tokens on sale right now?
  • The 3 companies we’re really focused on
  • Where to find games to invest in
  • Some really exciting projects that no one knows of yet
  • And much more!

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