How To Make Super Quick Book Covers

Today I thought I’d share a quick tip on how to quickly and easily make a really nice book cover.

I still recommend hiring someone to make a really professional cover (especially if you’re going to make a print version), however, if you’re set on just doing digital books on Kindle or iBooks, this is a great and simple way to make high-quality looking covers. It’s not completely free but it’s pretty dang cheap.

Step 1: Go to and create an account. It’s free to create the account and is probably the least expensive stock photo site that I’ve found with high quality photos.

Deposit Photo

Step 2: Do a search for your topic in the search bar. For example, if my niche is running, I’d search for “running” and then pick my favorite photo related to the niche…

How To Make Quick Book Covers - Deposit Photo

Step 3: Purchase the photo that works best for what you’re trying to accomplish. I usually pick an image that’s portrait orientation (taller than it is wide) and I purchase the medium size image. This is usually plenty big. If you make a lot of books, you may want to consider a deposit photos subscription that allows multiple downloads per day or month. This image will cost me about $4 to purchase right now.

How To Make Quick Book Covers - Deposit Photo

Step 4: Go to and open the image you just downloaded. Pixlr is a free image editing software with similarities to the, very expensive, photoshop (Use Photoshop if you have it though).

How To Make Quick Book Covers

Step 5: Add your title and author to the image using the “text” button. I usually like to make the book title as large of a font as I can and I personally like the “Impact” font. I’ll also make sure I use a color that’s visible on the images background…

How To Make Book Covers

Step 6: Export the book cover by clicking “File” -> “Save” in the top menu…

That’s it! You’re done. You’ve got a pretty clean looking book cover for use on Kindle or iBooks for less than $4 and it’s higher quality than what you’re likely to find on Fiverr.



That’s it. That’s how I used to do it before I hired a graphic designer to handle most of my book covers now. Do you have any quick tips on book covers?

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments.


  • Simple yet beautiful!

    I’ve followed a lot Steve Scott for his Kindle success and I’ve seen he always creates the same kind of covers which all are very, very cool (normally not pics but more vector graphic oriented) and he uses fiverr.

    The thing when using outsourcing for stuff like this, you never know where the actual source files are coming from or if your designer is just copy pasting stuff from other logo sites.

    Still loved how easily you did this and I’ve heard about Deposit Photos before, I just never actually created an account.

    That picture at just $4 is way cheaper than what I’ve paid before so thanks for the resource Matt and congratulations on the Udemy Paid Instructor achievement!


    • You’re right. On Fiverr, you never know if the person you’re buying from has the rights to use the images… It can be scary. With Deposit Photos or other stock image sites, at least you have a paper-trail showing you own the rights to the image.

      This method is quick and cheap and does the trick for quick book covers for sure.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • thanx for the share! just one thing… do you mean 40 A4 pages as in format, or 40 A5 – as in a smaller format?