Sharran Srivatsaa – From Dumpster Diver To $3-Billion Business

Our guest, Sharran Srivatsaa, is a master at scaling businesses very fast, while having fun!

We had him on to share his wild stories (battling a raccoon at one time) and how he scaled a company to $3 billion without even knowing the industry.

He breaks down his principles for how to scale businesses very quickly. He thinks out of the box with everything he does, so there’s some gold here.

He also gets into how waking up early has completely changed his life. Even if you’re not a morning person, you’ll want to know this.

Tune into this special episode to get all the details… Then join us in the Discord community to discuss.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • 20 years of the most valuable business insights
  • Dumpster diving and the trick to overcoming adversity
  • How to negotiate with muggers
  • Sharran’s 3 Principles for rapid business growth
  • The 10 Butt Rule and why it’s the key to business growth
  • Why you should always be trying to sell your business
  • The best way to get feedback around what business buyers actually want
  • How to ensure you’re always focused on the right thing
  • How to unlock more time in your day
  • How to truly leverage your existing support system

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