Expanding Your Network, One Person at a Time

Do you find yourself behind a computer more than 6 hours a day? It's most of us.

Do you have the luxury of working out of your home or office of your own (without others)?

Both working on computers and being in a place that is comfortable is amazing and allows us to build amazing things.

But there's something lacking…

Real-life communication with humans. Not through the hundreds of emails you get each day, or Skype text messages, or even phone text messages. I'm talking about real human connection.

In this day and age, we want to control our time. It's the most valuable thing we have. In doing that, we want to control HOW we communicate with our colleagues, clients, and future customers. Most of the time we control this by keeping communication through email. It works for some things, but not to make a real impact.

Our goal as humans is to work together and bring each other up. That can't happen to its full effect through emails. It needs to happen at a deeper level:

  • In-person meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Skype calls
  • Video calls
  • Videos through social networks (Snapchat, Facebook Live, YouTube) – this is a little cold, but it getting hotter on the communication thermometer each day.

So, if our goal is to expand our reach to other humans and leave the biggest impact on them (and with what we are creating), we need to communicate at a high-level.

What I've taken upon myself to do is communicate with someone at least once per day (usually in a business sense, but not always). It sounds silly that I need to tell myself to do this, but it's something we just don't do automatically!

Once a day, reach out to someone whom you haven't chatted with in a while (more than a month).

If you want to expand your network out of the circle you currently have, then ask someone if they can make you an introduction to someone in your industry. You never know what can come of this.

I like to “source” my daily people by either going through my phone contacts or through my email contacts. There are a wealth of people there for you.

I like to start these conversations through some medium that is a bit more personal (trying to get out of email as much as possible). Facebook, phone text, sending a persona Snap to them in Snapchat.

Just think about what can come of you making yourself more memorable to someone new each day. Say things, just catch up, offer to connect them with someone new, ask for help. All of these get the ball of opportunity rolling.

We're a web of people and all connected. You're only a handful of people away (or directly connected to) someone who can drastically change your life.

It's all about reaching out and being HUMAN. It's going back to roots and opening yourself up. Get on it!