How To Leverage Podcast Sponsorships For Traffic & Revenue Streams – Trevr Smithlin

Trevr Smithlin

As a self-proclaimed podcast fanatic, Trevr Smithlin always wanted to find a way to help out the industry. First, he made an app that added visuals to podcast episodes, but for some reason, it didn’t sell. Then he thought, why not try something he was already good at?

Trevr founded AndertiseCast to streamline the clunky process of advertising in the podcast industry. His business has finally made it simple to manage campaigns, sponsor shows, and target audiences so that advertisers get results and podcasters get the revenue they need to focus on what they love.

On this episode, Matt and Joe get all the facts out of Trevr about how to build your podcast to land sponsors, picking the right podcast for your advertisement, and how to leverage episodes to increase revenues. After you’re done listening, go check out our talks with Nick Loper and Justin Malik & Lee Rankinen for more tips to make a successful podcast.

You gotta take this thing super seriously if you want this to be your business… and there are new mechanisms to get to that level.” -Trevr Smithlin

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The different metrics to measure a podcast’s influence
  • What the next wave of podcast content is going to be
  • How to take control of your podcast revenues
  • Ways to leverage social networks to improve ad revenue
  • Cross promotion strategies for seamless advertising
  • How to know the perfect episode length for your audience
  • An easy advertising campaign to jumpstart a new podcast
  • The number of listeners you need to gain sponsorships
  • How to pick the right podcast to sponsor
  • Tricks to turn sponsored episodes into evergreen advertisements
  • The latest targeting to put your ads in the right content
  • How to get ads on popular podcasts (even with a small budget!)


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