Peter Ing – The Massive Business of Play-To-Earn Guilds

The topic of gaming guilds is one that we’ve discussed quite a bit lately.

Today, we have someone that likely knows more about gaming guilds than anyone else on the planet.

We’re talking to Peter Ing of Blockchain Space, a company that collects and aggregates data on over 20,000 gaming guilds.

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Some Topics We Discussed With Peter Ing Include:

  • How Blockchain Space came to be
  • The recent Ronin Bridge hack
  • The income that guilds bring to developing nations
  • How scalable are play-to-earn games?
  • The different between guild sizes
  • How gamers can create income through gaming
  • The future of play-to-earn gaming
  • How to innovate in this space when others copy
  • And much more!

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