Using Multi-Channel Marketing And Scaling Relationship Funnels – Bastian Ernst

Bastian Ernst - Relationship Funnels

Bastian Ernst is an Austrian entrepreneur who is super passionate about two things: our planet and marketing technology. He sees life like a butterfly with different stages and each stage contributes to & builds the next stage.

This zeal brought him to building Relationship Funnels.

He is the CEO and Founder of Wild Audience. They partner with clients to drive their business outcomes through respect-based marketing & smart funnel automation, and everything in between. They also build sales funnels for online businesses.

On today’s episode, Bastian will tell us how to effectively use funnels in marketing. He will share with us their unique process in using multi-channel marketing through the relationship funnel.

“A funnel is always based on a belief system. We buy stuff based on beliefs… and that’s how we decide between right & wrong.” – Bastian Ernst

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Bastian’s Transition To Being an Entrepreneur
  • What is Wild Audience and How does it work
  • What is Respect-Based Marketing
  • Tactics He Used To Make People React, Move, & Buy
  • His Evergreen System
  • Building Assets in Your Business
  • How To Effectively Utilise Scarcity & Urgency
  • What is the Relationship Funnel?
  • The Multiple Channel Approach
  • Tips on How to Get People Engaged
  • Frequency Selector & Active Campaign as Tools For Effective Marketing
  • Integration of Email Lists, Active Campaign, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, & Funnel Bots
  • Tools He Used for Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Traffic Sources To Get People Into Funnels
  • Two Types of Email Sequences To Sell Core Product
  • How Facebook Targeting Works
  • Facebook Ads: Look-alike Audiences vs. Flex Targeting
  • Wild Audience’s Marketing Stack of Tools
  • Bastian’s Favorite Book

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