Therapy Session – The Biggest Lessons Of 2019

Matt Wolfe, Joe Fier & Shannon Lemon

Happy New Year’s eve to all our listeners! We’re back for another episode of our Therapy Sessions and today, we have our core team together, including our Operations Manager, Shannon Lemon. What better way to end the year than by reviewing the last twelve months, and all the surprises, pivots, amazing things that happened, and some stress points as well.

We also discuss our goals for 2020, both personal and business, and what we’ve gleaned from the past year that will keep us focused in the year ahead. We talk about how much we hate social media, how we are each tuning into our strengths to make our systems even more dialed in, plus some great opportunities that have come our way.  Also, we are super excited to be speakers at a few amazing events next year, as well as our mastermind we are holding in the spring.

After you’ve soaked this in, be sure to check out these other episodes on how to dominate with your own business featuring Craig Ballantyne and David Allen as you ring in the New Year. Wishing you all good health, meaningful connections, and prosperity in the year ahead!

When someone leaves a company, it really stress tests your systems and you figure out where you can shore up the systems. When they left, we found some of these systems weren’t developed quite as good as we thought they were. We found the blind spots as a result.” – Matt Wolfe

It’s so simple to overcomplicate things, especially when you are online being presented with a lot of opportunities, partnerships and affiliates. There are all these splinters of attention and energy and when you are dealing with a whole team…it can bring a lot of stress.” – Joe Fier

Working from home is not for everyone..if they don’t buy into your vision and where you want to go and contribute to that vision, you’re not going to have a lot of success with your employees.” – Shannon Lemon

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why we sometimes fight like an old married couple and why it’s actually a good thing as business partners
  • Our 2019 review and some of the tougher moments
  • The many ways how Shannon has helped us immensely
  • The importance of company culture and vision for your employees
  • How we hold our team calls and why it’s key when you have remote employees
  • Our goals for 2020 both business and personal
  • Some big changes that may take a little longer but will have a huge impact
  • A few ways you can see us in person next year at some super cool events!
  • The many downsides of social media and the right way to use it if you really need to
  • Our jigsaw puzzle habit and why it’s good for you (shoutout to puzzle makers who want to license our brand)
  • Another shout out to Dan Ryan
  • And much, much more!

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