Marshall Sylver – Reprogramming the Subconscious to Think Like a Millionaire

Marshall Sylver

Marshall Sylver is a motivational speaker, author, and performance hypnotist who works primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has billed himself as “The World’s Fastest Hypnotist”.

He is known as the #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. For over twenty years, Sylver has entertained, educated, and transformed the lives of thousands of people. He is the author of Passion, Profit, and Power, and through infomercials has sold over a million copies of his personal development programs worldwide.

In this episode, we talk about how Marshall was able to create an amazingly successful life for himself, starting out at a young age. You will be hypnotized by every word as he talks about the important principles of having a millionaire mindset, getting over money blocks and obtaining everything you want. Once you’ve started to get your mindset in order with this episode, check out our other shows with Ken Coleman and Perry Marshall to round it out!

When you know that you are multi-millionaire, even without the evidence of money, then there’s no angst, there’s no doubt, there’s no anxiousness. You know it’s certain.” – Marshall Sylver 

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get over your money blocks.
  • Success traits for being a great salesperson.
  • How Marshall was able to get his wife to ask him out on their first date by hypnotizing her at one of his events!
  • What enlightenment means and how to live in it.
  • Tools to reprogram our brains to think like a millionaire.
  • A genius but simple trick he used to help teach his daughter to walk.
  • Best practices on how to sell to your audience and how often.
  • How to hack other people’s successes.
  • The 3 steps to creating anything you want.
  • And much, much more!


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