Lisa Buyer – Branding in the Metaverse

In this episode, we chat with our long time friend, Lisa Buyer.

Lisa has helped us so much over the years with PR and she happens to be the person who introduced us to concept of the Metaverse in the first place.

Be a fly on the wall as we chat Web3, branding, NFTs, the Metaverse, virtual reality, digital influencers, and so much more!

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Some Topics We Discussed With Lisa Buyer Include:

  • The difficult journey into Web3
  • How branding has worked in the Metaverse so far
  • Where branding is going for the Metaverse
  • How to onboard yourself into crypto
  • The future of the Metaverse in general
  • The direction we see NFTs going
  • NFTs for Real Estate?
  • Creating digital influencers and support staff
  • The pros and cons of Oculus

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