What You Should Know About Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies – Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart - Cryptocurrency

You guys are in for a treat today as we sat down with Michael Taggart for a great discussion about Blockchain Technology. Michael is an early adopter of Bitcoin, known as a “Blockchain Evangelist” back in 2013. Michael is heavily involved in developing Blockchain technology business services, assisting in forming ICO’s, and other blockchain consulting, with founding partnerships with Cryptonomex, an advanced custom Blockchain development company. He is also a serial entrepreneur with a decade of digital marketing and online business strategy experience.

Today, you’ll discover Michael’s journey through cryptocurrency and the efforts he is currently involved in. Listen as we talk about blockchain’s opportunities and risks, future innovations and how to make the best use of blockchain technology.

This technology and it’s impact to society as a whole is as big as the advent of the Internet, finance, agriculture and all other industries. In terms of what it’s going to do for humanity, it is up to you as a business owner or somebody who’s interested in seeking knowledge to know what it is you’re dealing with, why it’s exciting and some things that could be potentially detrimental to people if it just falls into the wrong hands.” – Michael Taggart