Our Journey To Seven-Figures (The Complete Story)

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Matt and Joe are back for another duet episode to sit down, and reminisce all the stuff they've done in the past, how they started and where they came from, which all adds up together as contributing factor to where they’re at now.

Today, they are going to discuss how they had to take the ‘zigzag journey’, what worked and failed in their business, lessons learned along the way and how opportunities presented itself that totally changed the course of their business.

Building wealth is about progression, being in control and understanding your value.” – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Their first blog sites and how they made their first dollar online
  • The thing that actually brought them the most amount of traffic
  • Why they started building their own personal branding
  • Meeting some of the top marketing minds and business people in the world
  • The WordPress Classroom: how it was born and teaming up to create LearnToBlog
  • Joe’s Video Sales Lab, his creative projects, connections, and client partnerships
  • Proven strategy that made them land more clients
  • EGP 1.0 and business mistakes they've made along the way
  • The importance of setting and maintaining your business standards
  • Leverage in your community to open new business opportunities
  • What’s EGP all about and its next phase looking forward
  • Things that you should focus on to thrive in your business

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