Joel Runyon – Balancing Multiple Businesses While Doing The Impossible

Joel Runyon

Joel Runyon started Impossible in 2010 as a way to push his limits and do something impossible. He’s a driven and determined entrepreneur, blogger, and athlete, and his lifestyle challenges have allowed him to set records and give back by supporting education in communities that are in need of everyday resources like safe school structures. While running his own brand, he’s also running multiple other brands such as a meal plan company, a fitness app, a productivity app, as well as being an advisor to multiple other companies. 

On today’s show, we talk about how he has built up his brand, how he has collaborated with other folks, and, similar to the way we run our business, how he is able to create opportunities with deal-making, rev shares, and building multiple brands. We also talk about how getting a major accomplishment done, whether it’s completing a marathon or getting your first podcast out there, has led to other potential relationships and future goals. When you’re done getting ideas from Joel, learn additional tips on how to systemize so you can have more time while also standing out and make a difference by checking out our previous episodes with Austin Sams and C.J. Martin.

Impossible is not a statement, it’s a challenge. A lot of people think “I can’t do it” but if it seems impossible, that’s the thing you probably should be doing” – Joel Runyon

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What it’s like to be a bootstrap entrepreneur
  • How to set yourself up for deal flows and equity ownerships
  • Challenging yourself in physical ways to gain perspective for your business challenges
  • How a chance conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop led to an insane amount of traffic – and even a mention on Oprah!
  • The beauty of big world challenges and simultaneously giving back to make a difference
  • How to balance a variety of businesses while traveling the world

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