Jeff Spencer – The Roadmap That Champions Follow

Jeff Spencer

Dr. Jeff Spencer is working with the best of the best in all areas and is also super amazing in his own right. As a kid, he had a dream to make it to the Olympics and actually followed it through by making it there as an Olympic cycler. He started training other athletes and has worked with a host of professionals training all sorts of people in mindset such as Lance Armstrong, U2, Dave Asprey, and Tiger Woods among others. 

Jeff has done the work and has created frameworks for his achievements. He’s literally helped over forty people earn gold medals and on today’s show, he walks us through his goal achievement roadmap. Each step is broken down, and in all the years of working with athletes, Jeff has discovered the cycle that you need to go through when working with champions. So get ready to listen, as this is a good one! After you are done, check out our other shows where we chatted with Dr. Steve Ruden and Marx Acosta-Rubio to get yourself set up for the best possible route to success in all of your goals. 

It wasn’t about the technical side of the discipline, that’s what coaches are for. You need someone in your corner that is watching your back, seeing everything that is happening in real-time, to identify the problems you don’t see that you can avoid and the opportunities that you don’t know about that you need to seize to be able to create your best legacy.” – Jeff Spencer

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Jeff became an Olympic athlete after setting his sights on that goal at the young age of seven
  • The story of a much loved, lost t-shirt and how it was reunited with its owner
  • The importance of ‘gocus’ – and not, it’s something you dip tortilla chips in
  • How to find the right goal for you
  • The details behind the awesome goal achievement roadmap and why you do not want to miss any steps along the way
  • Backstories of how Jeff got to work with folks like Dave Asprey and Lance Armstrong to get their goals achieved
  • What to do to avoid blindsides and other things to make you go off track
  • And much, much more!

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Goal Achievement Roadmap

Enjoy the video version of our interview with Jeff:


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