Jack Born – How To Ethically Use Time Scarcity In Your Offers

Jack Born

You are going to get a breakdown of how to make money in your business with the guest on today’s show (and have fun too!) Today we are talking to Jack Born, the founder of Deadline Funnel which is such an amazing tool. In this episode, one of the things we touch on is how a lot of people feel weird using countdown timers, and how to get around those feelings, especially if you are a heart-centered marketer. 

We also chat about how to increase sales in your business using countdown timers, how to generate an affiliate income, and the psychology behind buying without being sleazy. You’ll love how Jack breaks down how long should you do the countdowns for, when you should reopen after the countdown elapsed, and if you are an affiliate marketer, how you can use the countdowns in your business. When you are done listening, be sure to check out our conversations with Wilco de Kreij and Drew Burks for more tips on how to grow your subscriber base and use automated webinars in your marketing.

It’s very unlikely that you are going to have one front end product where that’s your entire business. Most of our business is built on the idea that once you’ve bought from me, you’re more likely to buy the next product. You certainly don’t want to ruin that relationship by trying to go cheap with your technology stack and essentially lying to your subscribers.” –  Jack Born

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why are we talking about peeing in the swimming pool?
  • New podcast game – business book bingo
  • How to reconcile any negativity with putting a deadline on digital products
  • The psychological reasoning behind why you want to use a deadline
  • What you want to have in place before you introduce a deadline into your sales process
  • The ‘Dolly Parton’ rule of running your timer
  • Selling your thing through the “Perfect Persuasion Window”
  • How to make an evergreen product stand out when introducing a deadline
  • An important message to those that are heart-centered entrepreneurs

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