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Vince Reed

If you knew Vince Reed back in the day when he owned his real estate brokerage, you likely never would have guessed he‘d make the big leap into online business. By his own admission, he hardly knew how to send an email. After the market crashed in 2008 though, when faced with the decision of flipping burgers or learning Google ads, thankfully he chose the later.

A believer in his own advice, Vince decided to “learn by doing,” sold a bunch of furniture and computers from his recently closed business out of his garage, and dove in feet first. He clicked on an ad to learn how to make money online, and he’s been in the business of helping others build their businesses ever since.

You can find Vince running a full-service digital agency to help others get more traffic, convert more leads and make more money following a strategy that can be optimized and scaled. He’s an avid participant in live events to help train business owners to do the same. And, if you’re really lucky, you may catch him at his own Internet Traffic Live event that he’s hosting for the fifth and final time in 2019 (with previous guest speakers like Roland Frasier, Billy Gene Shaw, and Russell Brunson to name just a few).

Listen in and hear Vince’s three-part process for driving traffic, ad budget optimization tips for Facebook and his two-step YouTube ad strategy that’s possibly even better than a Google paid strategy. And, if this episode resonated with you, check out Matt’s post about driving consistent traffic and Dennis Yu’s $1/day episode to truly hone your paid traffic plan.

Knowledge is not really power, in my opinion. Knowledge executed is where the power comes in, so you’ve got to go take action and make it happen.”– Vince Reed

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The best place you can spend $0.01 per lead to get cold traffic easily
  • How to know the difference between a buyer and a shopper
  • This is the online advertising platform you should master first
  • How to grow your audience on social platforms without spending more
  • Matt’s bonus tip for affiliate marketers on pixels
  • Why failing with paid ads can help you figure out how to do this better
  • Actually getting results for the “how to run a paid ad” comes down to this one thing
  • First  now your prospect’s way of thinking if you ever want to master retargeting
  • A big takeaway about the difference between search and social paid traffic
  • How insider trading and paid advertising are alike (thankfully with totally different end results)
  • Vince’s two step YouTube ad strategy that rivals the PAG Google strategy
  • This one ingredient will drastically improve your Facebook ad success results
  • What this platform has that edges out other social media channels and makes it choice “real estate” to place an ad on
  • Don’t worry, if you find Vince, he’ll definitely find you again
  • Learn Gary V’s theory on learning combined with Vince’s theory on doing

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