How To Get More Likes On A Facebook Page

how to get more likes on facebook page

With organic reach on Facebook getting smaller and smaller, now is a better time than ever to start growing your business or personal page. Which is why we’re excited to share with you how to get more likes on a Facebook page without spending a ton of additional money on ads.

This is the page on Facebook that will represent your brand and allow you to talk directly to your customers. You’ll be able to give updates and post content that will influence them to buy more from you for years to come.

There are thousands of ways to grow Facebook page likes.

Some of these strategies cost loads of money (running Facebook ads to grow your audience) and some are flat out bad strategies like going to Fiverr and outsourcing hundreds of people to like your page.

The latter is no bueno because not only is that against Facebook’s terms, but Facebook will think your target audience is people in the cities, states, and countries of the people who like your Facebook page.

After running hundreds of content marketing campaigns for clients and ourselves, we figured out a hidden strategy many people neglect when trying to figure out how to get more likes on a Facebook Page.

How to get more likes on a Facebook page

Here’s the process in a nutshell…

  1. First, you’ll post something on your Facebook page. This could be anything from a Facebook Live, a native video, photo, text post or an ad. This piece of content will attract engagement. We’ll show you how to get more likes on a Facebook page using that hard-earned engagement.
  2. Inspire reactions. Hopefully, people engage with your post and like it (they’ll probably comment and share it, too, but the likes are really what we’re looking for).
  3. Once your post starts to generate some likes, click on the line list of reactions/names/number of your likes that shows up right above the comments.
  4. Here’s the “hidden” page inviter Facebook didn’t tell you about: A window will pop up showing all of the people who have liked/reacted to your post. To the right side of that window, you’ll see if that person has already liked your page. If they haven’t, you’ll see an option to click a button and invite them to like your page.
  5. Now, go through and invite anyone who hasn’t liked your page. This can get pretty repetitive if you have a really popular post/ad with high engagement, but that’s a good problem!
  6. Repeat this process with any post/ad that you publish on your page. You can always look back at your previous posts and do this same process, too.

We’ve found that 50%+ of people you invite to like your page will actually take you up on it. That’s HUGE!how to get more likes on facebook page

It’s best to invite them pretty quickly after they’ve engaged with your post to get a higher conversion rate.

But the numbers don’t lie… people will usually like your page if they’ve engaged with your post.

Even better, by spending a minute in one day, we’ve increased page likes by 500% and actions that are taken on our page by 300%.

The actions (likes, shares, and comments) on our Facebook page are really what we want because that’s when someone is really engaged in what we’re doing.

This leads to people sharing our content, signing up to our email list, and buying our products. These end results should always be the goal when looking for new strategies on how to get more like on a Facebook page.

Here are some quick tips to really scale this properly:

  • Use videos in your posts. Facebook naturally gives videos much more organic reach (this could change soon, but take advantage of this now).
  • Run Facebook ads from your page and use retargeting. The easiest is to place a retargeting pixel on your website and run ads just to those people. It’ll be cheaper ad costs and you’ll be advertising to a warm audience who is more likely to “like” your page.
  • Look through some of your previous posts and pick out some of your most engaging posts.
  • Turn them into an ad (you can boost it to your retargeted audience, too). These posts had good engagement at one time, why not try to squeeze some more out of them?
  • Lowest hanging fruit: If you’re running Facebook ads, you should ALWAYS be using this page inviter strategy. Go through all of your old ads and use this strategy… use our software to speed it up and invite everyone to your page.
  • Rule of thumb: Don’t invite more than about 150-200 people to your page in a single day. Facebook gets a little angry after that, so keep it lower and just invite more the next day.


And just as a parting reminder for this strategy: If you have any previous posts or ads published on your page, go back to each post and complete the strategy listed above.

This is the lowest hanging fruit that Facebook gives you to grow your page’s audience for free. Which is why you should start using this method on how to get more likes on a Facebook page STAT!

It’s targeted, it’s quick, and it just works. Go for it!


Additional Ideas For Building Audiences On Facebook

I wanted to quickly touch on some thoughts and ideas about Facebook in order to help you really make the most of that platform so that you can build an owned audience.

These aren’t really step-by-step strategies but little things that you can to do to really crank up the results that you receive from organic Facebook marketing.

Tip 1: Build both a Facebook Page and a Facebook group

Pages are great to show social proof and to use as a place to advertise from.

However, we’ve noticed that getting engagement on Facebook pages is tough. Links and images receive very little reach and many fan pages turn into deserted wastelands quickly when people or businesses don’t see any action on them.

However, you kind of need one if you ever want to advertise. Your ads are actually linked to a page and can’t be linked from your personal profile.

They’re necessary but not a great way to reach your audience unless you’re advertising.

Facebook groups, on the other hand, still seem to have great engagement. They are more interactive for the members and discussions are really encouraged.

You can do almost everything in a Facebook group as you could with a page, other than advertising using Facebook ads to it.

When we create a new piece of content, want to announce something about one of our products, or need to drive traffic somewhere, it’s usually our Facebook groups that make the difference. We still share updates on our pages but the bulk of the action comes from our Facebook group.


Tip 2: Put Facebook Like buttons everywhere

This is more of a social proof thing to grow your Facebook page.

You can actually put like buttons on anything you want that, when someone clicks it, actually likes your FB page. If you’re using Clickfunnels or LeadPages, you can add social like buttons but, instead of using the URL for the page they’re on as what they’re liking, paste the link to your Facebook page.

When they click “Like” on your page, they’ll actually end up liking your Fan page and growing your audience on Facebook. A simple strategy on how to get more likes on a Facebook page.


Tip 3: Constantly promote and encourage the growth of your group

Our Facebook group is essentially like having a second mailing list for us.

We can post links, share content, create videos, make announcements, etc. and we often get more engagement that we do from our actual mailing list.

Ask people to join your group at every opportunity you can. We typically use the first email in our autoresponder to promote our group. You can also promote your Facebook page in your group if you’re looking for more free strategies on how to get more likes on a Facebook page.

The email will deliver whatever freebie they opted-in for as well as recommend that they join our private Facebook community. We’ll list some of the benefits of the community as well as a link over.

Some of the benefits include private access to us for Q&A, special content exclusive to the group, curating our favorite content that we find and more.

Our groups grow rapidly and it’s just another way to get stuff in front of people and drive more traffic.


Resources for how to get more likes on a Facebook Page: