How NFTs Change Everything!

This is our first episode as part of the LADZ City Network. We have no guests today… Just a deep discussion on our journey into LADZ City, the ongoing house hunt, and how NFTs will absolutely change everything in our lives over time.

Tune into this special episode to get all the details… Then join us in the Discord community to discuss.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • We’ve moved over to a new platform!
  • The reasons behind the big move
  • The new production schedule
  • Introducing ourselves to anyone new to us
  • The meaning behind “OVOT”
  • Our plans for this show moving forward and what to expect
  • How NFTs will infiltrate every aspect of our lives
  • The new way that online memberships will provide access
  • The big ENS drop that created huge windfalls
  • How to earn free crypto through buying merch
  • The city that’s offering its residence free tokens
  • Our favorite NFT that’s super cheap at the moment

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