Gino Wickman – Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Built

Gino Wickman is a legend among entrepreneurs. He’s been a mentor and thought leader to those who want to scale their businesses in ways they didn’t think possible. Now, Gino focuses his attention on helping people just getting started with their business.

His book, Entrepreneurial Leap, is a guidebook focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? This book is going to help you figure that out.

Gino believes that entrepreneurs are born with the traits to succeed, they are not learned. Not everyone has what it takes (and that’s ok).

What do you think? Tune in to hear why he believes this as well as our thoughts on the subject.

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Entrepreneurship – Is it nature or nurture?
  • How Gino created a business by talking with people
  • How Gino got started as an entrepreneur
  • Being an integrator AND a visionary (some people pull it off)
  • Why 2nd and 3rd generation entrepreneurs actually fail
  • What “Entrepreneurial Leap” is and why you need it
  • The 6 essential traits of an entrepreneur
  • Free assessments to see how much of an entrepreneur you are
  • The definition of a visionary
  • The 5 major roles of a visionary
  • The 8 critical mistakes of an entrepreneur
  • How to get clear on your vision
  • 8 disciplines to increase your odds of success
  • How partnerships can help shore up your natural skills

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