Why I Switched From Aweber To GetResponse

aweber vs getresponse

For the longest time, I’ve always sung the praises of Aweber for my email marketing. This weekend I decided that it’s no longer for me… Here’s a quick comparison of Aweber vs GetResponse.

I made the switch from, arguably the most popular autoresponder among marketers, to another one that had much more features that I wanted.

I switched over to GetResponse. I feel a little bit bad about my decision. I’ve been with Aweber since about 2008 and I’ve always loved them and promoted them as an affiliate. We had a good run, I had a massive mailing list with them, we had good times together but it had to come to an end…

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Aweber at all. I still think they are a great company and I still wouldn’t hesitate to give them a good recommendation if someone asked me about them. I’m just digging some of the features of GetResponse a bit more.

First off… A major key factor for me was that I needed a service that I could import existing lists to. I wanted to keep the lists that I built in Aweber and GetResponse allows you to import everything over without making people re-confirm their emails. Aweber doesn’t offer this. If I wanted to import a list from another service in to Aweber, I would need to ask every single person on the list to confirm their email address again. This would inevitably shrink my list…

Sure, it could be argued that having people re-confirm would only make sure that my list is as responsive as possible. In my mind though, it’s a nuisance to a lot of people on my list. They are receiving one extra email from me that I wouldn’t otherwise have to send. Some people may not see the re-confirmation email because it went to spam or they overlooked it… People that would have wanted to keep receiving communications from me may have been cut off…

With GetResponse, this wasn’t an issue. I was able to import everyone over with no problems.

Second… GetResponse has awesome automation tools. You can trigger emails to go out based on certain events.

You can send an email to people automatically on their birthday or if they opened a previous email or even if they reached a certain page on your website. It’s pretty powerful. Aweber allows you to do some of this with broadcasts that you create manually but it’s not available as an automated feature in your follow up sequence. This stuff is huge to keep your list engaged.

aweber vs getresponse

GetResponse also has built-in surveys… If you want to survey your list to get more information about demographics, you can easily set up the survey from right inside GetResponse… It’s a simple, quick process and Aweber has nothing similar… You’d have to purchase a 3rd party survey system just to do this.

GetResponse is full of free stock images. If you want to use images in your emails or in your opt-in forms, GetResponse has a deal with iStockPhoto and they have a thousand stock images available for GetResponse users. Can’t beat that!

getresponse vs aweber - stockphotos

GetResponse has much more intuitive reporting (in my opinion). I can much more easily analyze the stats of one of my lists or all of my lists at once. Aweber makes this really difficult. I like having an overview of the stats of my whole account, as opposed to just looking at the stats of just one list at a time.

aweber vs getresponse - stats

GetResponse allows me to search criteria across all of my lists instead of just one at a time. This was a huge frustration for me with Aweber. If I was looking for subscribers that met a certain criteria, I had to look through each list individually to find what I was looking for. It was pretty frustrating.

Finally… One thing that I noticed after I made the switch… Deliverability went up! Emails in my followup sequence that, at one time, received a 15% open rate are now receiving a 30% open rate with GetResponse. Same exact list with a new autoresponder… This makes me think that emails from Aweber aren’t getting in to the inbox as well as GetResponse emails are. I wasn’t expecting this but it’s definitely a HUGE bonus.

Overall, they are both great services and prices are pretty comparable. I think GetResponse is actually slightly cheaper per subscriber (but still pretty comparable). I don’t have much bad to say about Aweber but I’m slowly becoming a raving fan of GetResponse.

Currently, GetResponse has a 30 day free trial. Give it a shot, import your existing list, and see what you think. My money is on people liking it better. Sorry Aweber. :-/

Check out this post I did about all the creative ways I used GetResponse to grow my list.


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  • Welcome to Getresponse Matt,

    I’ve been using them since last year and have noticed all the awesome features you mentioned here :), I’m happy you’ve joined me though :).

    The main things that made me to join them in the first place are their 30 days free trial and because their also cheaper than Aweber.

    Thanks for sharing and have a pleasant week Matt.

    BTW: I just published published the post I told you about last week where I mentioned you but, I wanted to tell you about it but I discovered that you don’t have a contact page, why not create one ?

    You can Check out the article here, you can remove the link after checking.


    • Loving GetResponse. I do believe they are a bit cheaper. I was paying about $170/month for my list at Aweber. At GetResponse, the same list (imported over) is costing me $140/month. So definitely a bit cheaper.

      I think for the lower levels (up to 5,000 subs or so), they are about the same price between Aweber and GetResponse. GetResponse just has more features to edge out Aweber.

  • I was also an Aweber fan hehe… but switch to Getresponse last year then last month switched to GVO because it’s cheap and you get a $100 bonus for the 1st 5 people you refer. Getresponse has some really great features, I highly recommend it.

    Great post Matt 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment. Never tried GVO. I’ve always been a bit turned off by the MLM aspect of their business so I’ve steered clear. Love to GetResponse though.

  • Hey Matt, I’ve been on the fence for a little while to make the shift as well (from AWeber to GetResponse) I am happy about some things inside AWeber and not so crazy happy about others.

    Being Mexican my first language is Spanish and I want to start doing some stuff in Spanish as well, AWeber does not offer an option for sending the default messages (confirmation emails, footers, etc) in Spanish so that’s been a bummer for me.

    Apparently GetResponse DOES support Spanish as well as other language so that’s a big plus for me right now besides the list importing feature.

    Since marketing in Spanish is pretty much still in baby boomers, there are MANY industries medical, food chain, etc that already have customers lists and I could easily provide them with email campaign builders and professional administered email campaigns as well through GR.

    So I’m definitely making a choice in the near future. On a first thought, I was thinking of just getting GR and keep both, I would have complete separate autoresponder accounts that way but I’ve got to make smart decisions and not overcomplicate the business side of things.

    So centralized hubs is sometimes better (depending on specific services) than having everything spread all over the place.

    Thanks for the fantastic review, although I’d have loved to know what you thought about their web form building feature as well.


    • What I did was backup all my Aweber lists locally. I then created a GetResponse account and, one-by-one, started switching out all my opt-in forms across all my pages to the GetResponse opt-in.

      Once all the forms where switched, I imported everything in to GetResponse and cancelled Aweber.

      I’ve got the entire Aweber list backed up on my harddrive for worst case scenario…

      It was a pretty easy switch. The most time consuming thing was finding all my opt-in forms scattered around the web and switching out the forms…

      Response rate is up, tracking is better, and multiple lists for the same products are now merged and cleaned up. I don’t regret the decision at all.

  • I have moved to a one time payment autoresponder, mainly as I think that a one time cost is fair. if it has all the features for a one time payment that is worthy. I also think Surveys you can download free to your server so I do not see it having a need in the system, however at a glance I can see the power with this especially into social media areas. I do however think often Autoresponders are over priced for the use some people get. I understand bigger lists need more attention to the servers they are stored on so think large lists need this type of AR.

    • Thanks for commenting Lisa. I’m actually very wary of one-time-payment autoresponders. The thing about places like Aweber and GetResponse is that they handle spam complaints for you and help manage your list reputation.

      If the server that your emails are going out from gets blacklisted, your emails will never land in anyone’s inbox. Monthly services monitor this for you and make sure that deliverability always stays high.

      I used Interspire Email Marketer for a long time and actually switched back to Aweber (and then GetResponse) after some time because they don’t help manage your list reputation or deliverability.

      I’d be curious to know what service you went with and how you like them…

  • I am really surprised at this post and that you decided to switch to Get Response, and certainly you have more than ample reason to, and I learned a lot in this post, because up til’
    this evening I thought that Aweber was the cat’s meow to auto responders. It is amazing what a little research does especially when you are in a situation where certain problems exist and you are looking to improve the situation and you find the solution, so it is to your credit that you found solutions and informed us as to why you made the decision you did.

    • Hey Paul,

      Don’t get me wrong. Aweber is a great company. I just felt that for the money, GetResponse had much more features and was a lot easier to use.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Hey Matt,

    I`ve read your newsletter and jumped here. I was with GR 2 years ago when they were OK, but too difficult to move within admin area. Besides, I didn`t like their pre-defined emails after sign up. Aweber had more flexibility. Now I`m back to GetResponse again and I love it. Oh, and people like myself whose English is not their native language should use them. Aweber doesn`t recognize UTF-8 code but GR does

    • That’s funny. GetResponse was my first autoresponder that I ever signed up for as well. I found it frustrating and unintuitive. I moved everything to Aweber.

      Now I’m back to GetResponse for all my personal lists again and couldn’t be happier. Great deliverability, great interface, great targeting options.

  • How’s the deliverability compared to Aweber’s? I’m also thinking of leaving them. I’ll make sure to go through your affiliate link if I decide to go with GR 😉

    • Thanks Joey!

      GR deliverability is great from what I’ve seen. The same exact list that I imported from Aweber to GR gets at least 200 more opens for each email. Which leads me to believe that more emails are actually hitting the inbox. I’m loving GR so far.

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the great review! At GetResponse we always love to hear about happy Customers so we were thrilled to read the post. If you have any questions or need anything, we’re always happy to help!

    Would you mind dropping me an email at: karolina.kurcwald@getresponse.com? We’d love to ask you a couple of questions (and thank you again ;))

    Karolina Kurcwald
    GetResponse Social Media Expert

    • Hey Karolina,

      It’s awesome that you guys are out there checking out blogs and people talking about GetResponse. I think that’s really cool.

      I’ll shoot you an email.


    • yeah that is impressive. Aweber doesn’t do that, and you know how many detailed posts I’ve published on them!!!

      I think I’m gonna make the move.

  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks so much for this. I’m presently only MailChimp as I never really took list building seriously, nor did I ever imagine more than 2000 people would ever subscribe to a list of mine so I went for the free option.

    I’ve been toying with switching to Aweber the last month or so and recently came across GetResponse… it looks pretty ace. Your post has helped convince me to bite the bullet and check out their 30day trial…

    Being able to import my list into GR without having to have my users re-opt-in is awesome! I wasn’t wanting to put my readers through that if I moved to aweber.

    Thanks for the writeup! Appreciate it!

  • I’m seriously considering Get Response. The question I have is it is possible to set up automatic smart segmentation, such as when a subscriber buys from you and becomes a customer. With AWeber I’ve been told that you can set it up so they move from one segment to another without you having to do it manually.

    • Hi Lori,

      Yes! I find it EASIER to segment my list with GetResponse that I did with Aweber. You can move people to different lists if they buy, click a link, and much more. It’s awesome.

      • What’s up Matt-

        Have you figured out a way to move people to a new list automatically when they click a link?

        Or are you talking about searching it in your contacts after the fact and creating a segment based on a link clicked?

        I just switched from Aweber as well and I love GR- but that feature is the one thing I miss. I was using AW Pro Tools with Aweber.

    • Hey Lori,

      I currently use Aweber and you can set it up to copy a subscriber from one list to another automatically. BUT it will not remove them from the original list…even though it is supposed to do so. So you end up paying to have that subscriber on two different lists. If you want them in each list, and don’t mind paying twice, then I guess it is okay.


  • I’m starting to think I should switch over to Getresponse haha.

    I wrote a review about the two, I spent about 3 hours looking at the two titans.

    Aweber’s templates look better aesthetically, but Getresponse’s mobile pages and beautiful capture pages reign supreme.

    I wrote a pretty extensive review about the two

    • Awesome Rod. I actually used to not like GetResponse’s templates… Now I like them much much better than Aweber’s… They’ve really improved them and I think they look amazing (and they are all responsive out of the box!)

  • Hi Matt, I am a member of LTB and am in the middle of your replay of you recent webinar (it is awesome!)

    . SO I stopped by this blog because I just opened aweber 2 days ago and have spent several hours leaning it but I have no active list yet.

    I had heard the Get Response charged by EMAIL—not subscriber
    and that they don’t stop double optins.

    SO I never checked it out.

    Obviously the first is untrue and the second I don’t know. Do you?
    Is Get response as user friendly as aweber–would you say?

    I am going to subscribe tomorrow and play with both, this blog is so timely THANK YOU!
    Thanks Mary

  • Great input. I’ve been an avid Aweber person since 2008, but have been doing a trial with GetResponse because Neil Patel recommended it for higher delivery rates. Your comments speak to many of the same pains of Aweber and benefits of GetResponse.

  • Great article, Matt, it can drive someone crazy trying to pick between so many options. :/

    Question for you about integration with other sites – I’ve read that integration via GR requires use of service like Zapier (which can get costly) where with AWeber it’s more integrated. Did you find this to be true?

  • Great review! I was with Aweber since 2009 but recently I have involved in non-english email marketing campaigns and it looks like Aweber can’t handle UTF-8 chraracter. I read your review on GR and it was a life-saver! Thank you

  • Hey Matt. Can you give me a little wisdom about SPAM? I’ve noticed you said before they handle everything but can you tell me if you can send long and short pure text html emails without much problems?

    I’ve had other services and I’ve had a lot of trouble in this area having to configure a lot of things such as SPF and subdomains.

  • This was an excellent article and you nailed the most serious flaw with Aweber…redundant confirmations! I understand they are trying to minimize spam, but if you want to create a list with your friends and family and current clients, you don’t want them to have to reconfirm that it’s okay for you to email them! Sheesh.

    I think I’m gonna switch!

  • I switched from Aweber to Get Response as well. One of my current concerns with GR is they make it very difficult to determine how active a given subscriber is. You can only check stats on a single campaign or autoresponder, but there are no cumulative stats available for a given subscriber. It makes me wonder if GR isn’t intentionally keeping people from pruning their lists. Contrast this with Mail Chimp, which provides a rating system for each subscriber based on activity. With that said, I have been generally happy with GR. Both Aweber and Mailchimp are outrageously priced (excepting Chimp’s free up to 2000 deal).

  • With regard to my above post, I just figured out how to effectively prone the list using multiple “conditions” in the Search Contacts functions. Specifically, I used the “message not opened” condition with various campaigns and autoresponders being sure to check “and” rather than “any” (my goal was to eliminate those who never opened any of the emails).

  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your nice post… as i am planning to start list building and made decision to start with aweber but as i have heard from Neil Patel about changing from aweber to GR so i have done some more research on features, prices, etc and i came to your post which is really informative for me and just made decision to take test drive with GR….

    Thank you so much….

    Bhargav Bavarva

  • I’ve used Mail Chimp for quite some time, and I believe I’ve reached my plateau with their service even though its an extremely viable option that I highly recommend. I recently signed up with Get Response and I’m still forming an opinion, but there are cool features like, ‘thanking subscribers with a video’ that I find to be pretty unique. I signed up with Aweber years ago but didn’t stay because Mail Chimp’s “fresh and bubbly” UI won me over.

  • You can self-host an email list but it is a bit of a pain. It’s ideal for non-profits with tight budgets though.

    • I still really love GetResponse. I’ve got an account with them and now an account with Infusionsoft. Love them both. I still recommend them to anyone looking for an autoresponder.

  • Thanks for posting this informative review. I had Aweber a LONG LONG LONG time ago. Anyway, I signed up through your link for GetResponse.