Garrett Gunderson – Rigging The Wealth Game In Your Favor

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson is called a financial genius in entrepreneurial circles, but he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. In fact, the son of a fourth-generation coal miner, Garrett’s blue-collar roots are what makes him so passionate about helping entrepreneurs build economic independence through his business, The Wealth Factory.

In today’s show, we dive into Garrett’s simple upbringing and yet how he grew up with an entrepreneurial mind, even at a young age. We discuss the importance of traveling and gaining a sense of connectedness.  We also discuss how Garrett filmed his origin story and was able to break the generational wounds of his grandparents only to go through various stages of what he refers to as the four losing personas with money. He also discusses how these four personas can be flipped around to benefit ourselves and others with a goal of collaboration and innovation. 

If you want to transform your thoughts into profits, keep way more of what you make, keep and grow your money without sacrifice or delay, then Garrett is your guy. If you enjoyed this show and want to learn more about how to make your dollar go further while getting into the correct money mindset, be sure to check out our shows with James Altucher and Noah St. John.

I’m looking to heal generational wounds, create a new story where our family can break the shackles of scarcity that came over with my grandfather as he tried to break free from poverty, and instead embrace abundance and purpose, understand value creation, and develop our gifts and invest in ourselves. That work really matters to me.” – Garrett Gunderson

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Garrett’s humble upbringing changed the course of his life
  • His 14 * 4 * 6 strategy that helps strengthen his marriage 
  • The four losing games when it comes to money – are you one of these?
  • Discussing the opportunity cost of a glass of wine which Garrett had with his wife one night 
  • How Garrett is able to open up his client’s eyes to discover how to increase cash flow in their business
  • Lessons learned from watching the world’s best comedians
  • The mindset of money and how what we learn and hear growing up affects us
  • The steps of the game of wealth and which important one you should focus on first before diversifying
  • And much, much more!

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