Game Breakdown: MetaOps

We’re back with another game breakdown episode, where we deep-dive with the founders of a blockchain-game that we’re excited about.

In this one, we’ve got the two founders of MetaOps, the most realistic first-person shooter in the blockchain space… And it’s actually playable right now.

Joe and I have actually spent a ton of time playing it already and it’s a freaking blast!

So let’s dig-in on all the details behind the game and what you can expect from its future.

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Some Topics We Discussed With The MetaOps Team Include:

  • The story behind the MetaOps founders
  • What it’s like to work directly with Fractal
  • How their game is innovating in-game crypto wallets
  • A breakdown of the MetaOps game
  • Some accidental game alpha!
  • Why games can’t just focus on earning
  • A whole new level of security with on-chain games
  • The new ways players can earn by gaming
  • How we bring traditional gamers to the market
  • The smartest 12-year old gamer out there
  • The roadmap and important dates to know
  • And much more!

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Game First Impression:

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