Game Breakdown: Apeiron

We’re doing another game breakdown! This time with the founder of Apeiron, Frank Cheng.

Apeiron has been in development for 6-years and aims to take a different approach to blockchain gaming.

They are innovating in the way game tokens are handled, opting to have a 3-token system instead of the standard 2-token system.

Listen as Frank explains why this game is different and how this model will revolutionize the blockchain-gaming space.

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • An explanation of the Apeiron game
  • Why they aren’t proponents of “play-to-earn”
  • The evolution of gaming over the years
  • How the 2-token model is broken
  • Why the 3-token model is a better system
  • The benefits of being a god in a game
  • “Planet Sex” inside the game
  • How to make a game people actually want to play
  • The state of the marketing and where we go from here
  • And much more!

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