How To Flip Products For Fun And Profits – Damien Rufus

Flipping Products - Damien Rufus

Today’s guest is an Infusionsoft expert who profits from something he enjoys doing: looking for and selling products that are in demand yet difficult to find. In other words, Damien Rufus flips products. He describes his business in three simple words: selling things online. According to Damien, the transition from offline to online selling is fun for him, a big factor that keeps him young.

In today’s episode, he talks about the systems and processes he uses as he flips a wide variety of things and products, such as shoes, websites, vehicles, and houses. He also illustrates how he finds value for people, how to gain confidence in trade even with limited money in your pocket, and how you can build a system through websites and generating an email list that can help you succeed in your flipping business.

“When you figure out that art form to making these all happen quickly and efficiently, putting in those systems, that’s what really makes it amazing.” – Damien Rufus

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Determining the pricing and markup on products
  • Why it’s not hard for Damien to find “limited” products
  • The system he uses to flip and sell things
  • The concept of website flipping
  • How to simplify and speed up conversations and negotiations with suppliers
  • His upcoming big course and newsletter
  • Biggest thing he has flipped

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