7 Ways To Make Your First Money Online

7 ways to make money online

Over the last several days, if you’re lucky enough to be on my list, you’ve received several educational emails about the power of belief and how to make your first money online.

You see a lot of successful business people who manage to create success after success after success. Some big name industry titans even have massive public failures that send them into bankruptcy, only for them to turn around and create more successes.

The differentiator is the power of belief.

Once you’ve experienced something, you no longer have the doubt that it’s possible.

The reason that many online marketers can create a product, make boatloads of money, and then do it over and over again is because, after they had done it once, they knew it was possible. There was no longer doubt about whether or not they could do it.

So many people decide that they want to start down a path of creating an online income. For some, it takes them years and years to even make their first dollar while experienced online marketers seem to create new successes effortlessly.

Here’s the trick…

Create a quick win. Do something that’s going to quickly earn you your first few bucks online and break past the self-doubt as fast as possible.

Do something that will immediately change the belief about what is and isn’t possible.

This blog post is somewhat of a continuation of the emails that I’ve been putting out over the last few days.

The email I sent out today (Aug. 19th, 2015), had one way to quickly create your first few bucks online… This post has seven more.

Create a gig on Fiverr

In my opinion, Fiverr is the simplest way to create the quick win.

You can create a gig in minutes, doing almost anything, and see some sales on it by the next day.

When I say “anything,” I mean anything!

Some of the more popular gigs on Fiverr are things like this:

2015-08-19_14-21-31 2015-08-19_14-21-31_01 2015-08-19_14-21-31_02 2015-08-19_14-21-32

Notice the number in the top right corner of each ad? That’s how many reviews the product has had, not the number of sales.

So yea… People think of some interesting things to offer on Fiverr.

Me, personally… I like to create little mini-training videos that teach a concept in about 10 minutes or so and sell those… They are simple to make, and I get to do the work once and sell it over and over again.

Once I’ve got a gig online, I share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, and StumbleUpon… Usually, this little collection of links generates enough clicks to get the first few sales rolling.

Once you have a few sales on Fiverr, Fiverr’s internal promotion takes over, and you’ll start to see sales from people searching in their system.

If you haven’t already, check out this little report I put together for $10 about my method for creating and selling things on Fiverr.

Do freelance writing on Upwork or ProBlogger job boards

If you have any writing skills whatsoever, you can pretty easily grab a gig on Upwork (used to be Odesk & Elance) or the Problogger Job Boards.

I hire a ton of writers for my other niche blogs. I usually look on Problogger when I need a writer, but I’ll occasionally post an ad on Upwork as well.

A lot of people are just looking for a 500-word article and are willing to pay $5 to $10 for it…

It may not sound like a ton of money, but it will break you past that doubt that you’re capable of creating an income online… Plus, a 500-word article would probably take less than 30 minutes to write.


With Upwork, you can just hunt for jobs and apply. People are willing to work for pretty cheap, so the competition is steep. But, heck, if you want to make your first few bucks online, underbid people and knock the work out of the part.

Problogger’s employers have a bit higher standards. Typically, I would pay anywhere from $30 – $75 for a 1,000 word to a 1,500-word article when I find people on ProBlogger.

There are a lot of great writers paying attention to ProBlogger so, while the pay is higher, the competition is tougher to beat out… But if you can provide high quality and underbid everyone else, you’ll get a ton of work.


Find something worth $20 and sell if for $1 on Craigslist


This was an idea taken directly from Neville Medhora of Kopywriting Kourse. I tried to find a blog post where he was talking about this and couldn’t… So I think he may have talked about it in an email.

The idea is to find something that you own that’s worth at least $20 and put it for sale on Craigslist of eBay for $1.

Yes, it’s not fun knowing that you’re undervaluing it but, you’ll see real quickly how easy it is to create an income online.

It also proves the point that if you overdeliver on the price that you charge for something, selling becomes easy… But that’s a discussion for a different blog post.

Get active on forums


This is one that I just discovered yesterday…

There’s forums out there that are relatively new. When forums are new, nobody wants to join and interact because there’s no one else on them…

That’s where Post Loop comes in. They come in and pay people to interact in newer communities to kickstart the engagement.

You can sign up to be a content writer and, after 10 or so engagements in the forums, you’ll have made about a buck.

Do what you know and offer it on Craigslist

This one is so simple, but people just don’t do it…

Do you have a skill or service you can offer to the world? Maybe you know how to install WordPress, maybe you’re decent with Photoshop, or maybe you’re a good photographer.

Do a quick hunt on Craigslist for people that are looking for that skill and reach out, offering them a price to do it. Go low and overdeliver on the project and watch as they start to recommend you to their friends.

It’s such low-hanging fruit and things like installing WordPress could take you 15 minutes and earn you a quick $20.

Pick an affiliate product, write an in-depth article and share it everywhere

If you love writing, like me, this one is fun…

This is probably my favorite way to make some money because, typically, this method keeps paying for itself over and over again.

Pick a product that you enjoy using. Maybe it’s your autoresponder or hosting company or maybe it’s your favorite digital camera that people can find on Amazon.

Write an in-depth article about that product. Explain some neat things you can do with it, teach a few techniques with it, and talk about why you like it so much.

Make it somewhat of an educational training post that also includes a product review and endorsement.

Then link out with your affiliate link.

I’ve done this over and over and over again…


In this post, I talk about Get Response.

In this post, I talk about EverWebinar.

On this blog, I talk about Easy Video Suite.

In this post, I talk about CreateSpace.

You can see that in every one of those posts, I teach in-depth about how to use the tool that I’m recommending.

All of these posts generate affiliate income for me.

Pick an affiliate product and spend some money driving Facebook ads to it

In the recent FB Uncovered course that I launched with Josh Bartlett, we taught a little affiliate trick that we use to generate income from Facebook.

We pick an affiliate product that we like and endorse, run Facebook traffic to it and create a bonus to help sell the product. We then use Facebook retargeting to bring people back to the site again and again.


It’s a bit technical, but it’s always generated a profit for us.

Here’s a video that I made that runs you through this strategy:

This entire strategy is taught inside our FB Uncovered course.

So that’s 7 ideas that I quickly thought of to earn those first few bucks online.


Also, if you want new income generating ideas month in and month out, consider joining The Evergreen Profits Letter!


  • Hi Matt! I was just remembering how I made my first buck! I created Facebook cover photos for $5 and marketed this to my friends. They gobbled it up! Maybe I should re-think that strategy a bit more. LOL!

    • I think that’s an absolutely awesome idea! If you have skills that you can do quickly and sell them to your existing following, that’s definitely some low-hanging-fruit.

      When I started, the first (non-adsense) money I ever made was by installing WordPress for people and dialing in some plugins for them. I’d charge like $20 a pop per install and had to stop because I got too busy with orders.

  • Hi, this was awesome information. I’ve never heard of fiverr and I can’t believe what people are willing to pay for. This really got me to thinking about low hanging fruit to get something going. I have been trying to come up with ideas to make an additional $1500 a month and this would be great in addition to the blog I just started thanks to L2B. Please keep sharing!

  • I have thought about teaching dance classes online, but that would require me to know how to market them once I shoot the video. Maybe I could use your facebook course?

    • Hey Suzy,

      I think that’s a great idea! You could definitely use Facebook ads to drive traffic. You could also look in to putting your course on a place like Udemy or reaching out to CreateLive… If you’re on their platform, they actually help with the marketing…

  • My favorite:
    Pick an affiliate product and spend some money driving Facebook ads to it

    • Hey Ron. I really like that method too! You just have to be careful with the type of affiliate product you chose to promote. People get kicked off the ad platform for promoting things like MLMs and over-hyped weightloss products. So I only recommend promoting something that you feel strongly really helps people.

      • Hi Matt, I agree with promoting something that you believe in. Since people like coupons, store discounts and other discounted items this may gain traction. I see several FB pages that promote this rather than selling something on Ebay or CL

  • Great post Matt you have made some very good points, you have to first believe in what your promoting or people will see you as you are….

  • Hi Matt – Thanks as always for all the great info and for getting my wheels turning. I have a couple of brick and mortar – (service based) companies that I now have ideas on how to start some passive income for.
    However, I am also very interested in beginning a blog/company about a hobby of mine. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I have a “getting started” question about that. I have an idea for a short book on some “What you need to know” tips. Should I take the time to get a blog up and running, thereby giving me a business e-mail, eg: myname@mycompanyname.com, or just go start selling it on Fiverr and use my own e-mail to set up that account and everything for now?

  • Hi Matt! My first dollars online were from eBay… I sold a Christmas ornament that I made, of all things! You are right, all it takes is that first sale, and you can get addicted very easily! I’ve now been selling them for years full time and started selling my instructions for making them, too, for passive income ….. that first little sale changed my life, and just goes to show what can happen when you just try something, no matter how small it may seem. 🙂

  • Hi Matt,

    Whilst all these techniques work they do all require effort, and that’s where I think that most people looking at the Make Money Online niche fail. They believe the hype of automated income and being able to press send and earn thousands while sipping cocktails on the beach.

    I’ve been a level 2 seller on Fiverr for a while now, but I’ve found that my most popular is still the service gigs where I actually do something rather than just sending a tutorial – perhaps it’s just my salescopy that’s just weak?

    Anyway self belief coupled with action on any of these suggestions should result in some sales.


  • Hi Matt,

    I do agree all these tips will earn you money, as Andrew said we need to put some effort to grab the opportunity, recently I wrote an in-depth article Getresponse VS Aweber co-incidentally, I have to check how it will give me results I am expecting.

    I started doing Facebook ads using Power editor but not yet understood the dynamics of it to get better ROI, thanks for sharing the information.