Welcome to Day 7 of the Evergreen Profits Toolkit Series!

This is the seventh of 10 days of tool madness! Each day we will break down one tool that has completely changed the way we do business. Each of these tools allows us to earn more money and save more of our time.

Let’s get into today’s tool…

What’s The Purpose of Trello?

Welcome to your brand spankin’ new project management software. Oh, that doesn’t sound sexy? Well, when you see how easy it is to use and the kind of results you can get from using it, you’ll think it’s pretty sweet!

In a nutshell, Trello is the simplest and most easy to adapt to project management tool. Unlike others out there that are task list based and seem like a never-ending stream of things to do, Trello does it different. Everything in Trello is “card” based and visual. Your projects will be broken up into simple phases and you just move cards from one phase to another. So when you complete a phase of your project, just move the card to the next phase and you’ll get closer to your end result.

Without saying much more, below we’ll show you exactly how we use Trello in a video below (you’ll get some ideas of how to implement it in your business, too.)

How We Use It In Our Business:

Because we manage so much content in our business, we need a solid system that shows us what we’re working with in an organized way. Before using Trello, we were “hacking” things together using spreadsheets and docs. We’d lost track of things and wouldn’t hit our deadlines constantly.

With Trello, we track all of our content in these phases:

  • Content ideas (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.)
  • Podcast episodes
  • Written or recorded content
  • Editing and graphic creation
  • Scheduled content
  • Published content that is ready to promote

Here is a video that Matt recorded that shows you our process for using Trello with our content. This is our “secret sauce” that runs behind everything we do:

How You Can Use It In YOUR Business:

The awesome thing about Trello is that it can be used a management tool for just about ANYTHING you can think of. Here are some examples of how you can start using it:

  • Organize your day and tasks
  • Track your time
  • Organize a reading/listening list of books, blogs, podcasts
  • Manage launching a product

The key of using Trello comes down to how you organize the phases of your project. For example, if you were to launch an online course, here are some example phases:

  • Research niche and audience
  • Write the content material
  • Record the content
  • Edit the content
  • Publish the content
  • Promote and launch the course

When you have these phases defined, you can start creating “cards” for each piece of content that you need to produce. Simply move these cards along the phases as you complete each one. You’ll start to see how your project is progressing and how you’re getting closer to your goals. It’s awesome to see things visually, rather in a task list. With this style of project management, we’ve been able to pump out higher quality content, launch products faster, minimize mistakes, and we never skip a vital step in our process.

Get Trello Now:

What’s really cool about Trello is that it’s FREE. With that free account, you’ll be able to get unlimited boards, lists, cards, members and checklists. You’ll be able to do a ton with it and you can get started really quickly. Just click here to sign up now.

There are some upgraded tiers that will cost a little, but you can check those out on your own. At the end of the day, this management system will save you A LOT of hours, it’ll organize your business, and you’ll be more focused.

Get started with Trello now and start organizing yourself. Make it a fun experience and make using Trello a habit… that’s where you’re going to see the biggest benefits!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow with another handpicked marketing tool!