Welcome to Day 2 of the Evergreen Profits Toolkit Series!

This is the second of 10 days of tool madness! Each day we will break down one tool that has completely changed the way we do business. Each of these tools allows us to earn more money and save more of our time.

Let’s get into today’s tool…

What’s The Purpose of ClickFunnels?

This is a tool that blows others out of the water in many ways. ClickFunnels is the absolute winner of tools when it comes to building out beautiful landing pages, sales pages, and other funnels pages with ease. Not only do the pages look professionally designed, they convert amazingly well.

Gone are the days of paying expensive designers and coders to make your sales pages. There’s no reason to over complicate things when you have proven templates ready that are easy to customize. Just write your copy and organize your content into the templates and you’re ready to sell!

Curious how Clickfunnels compares to LeadPages? We actually like both but we did an exhaustive comparison here: Clickfunnels Vs LeadPages

Here some quick features of using ClickFunnels:

  • Drag-n-drop page editor
  • Complete landing page, sales page, and funnel page builder
  • Webinar funnel builder
  • Arrange your funnel pages quickly with drag-n-drop
  • Professional themes and templates
  • A/B split testing built-in
  • Conversion tracking and stats
  • WordPress integrations
  • Custom webhooks
  • Easy email autoresponder integrations
  • Ability to share funnels or download entire funnels from others (this is a GREAT way to use proven pages/funnels that are making sales)

ClickFunnels is our go-to page builder that is anything outside of our blog environment. We’ve tested so many things (like LeadPages), and ClickFunnels is just simpler to use and have given us better results.

What’s great is that ClickFunnels has a more basic tier that gives you the essentials that you need and they give an option to upgrade so have all of their automation and CRM features. We recommend sticking with the “standard” plan to start and see how you like it.

How We Use It In Our Business:

We use ClickFunnels to sell all of our products and services. Whenever we launch a product, you’ll find that we use similar landing pages and sales pages. We’ve figured out which convert the best for us and we just modify them slightly. This saves A LOT of time and we can launch a product extremely quickly.

Here are some of the ways we’ve put ClickFunnels to use in our business:

  • Simple landing page designs for freebie offers
  • Built out our entire Evergreen Profits website with it
  • Created custom landing and sales pages to promote affiliate offers
  • Made webinar registration and evergreen play pages
  • Offered consulting on simple sales pages that led to an application
  • Sold our physical newsletter with this and created upsell pages

What’s really cool with ClickFunnels is that it works perfectly with ThriveCart (which we talked about yesterday). We combine these two tools to make a perfect sales flow. ClickFunnels takes care of all of the funnel pages and design, and ThriveCart takes care of the checkout process and customer followups. They’re a great combo!

How You Can Use It In YOUR Business:

ClickFunnels rocks for almost all businesses. Here are some that they really cater to:

  • eCommerce
  • Information products
  • Professional services (consulting and coaching)
  • Agencies
  • Retail (selling to consumers)
  • Network marketing
  • Business to business

You can take a page out of our playbook with how we use ClickFunnels in our business (from the section above). The easiest way to implement ClickFunnels in your business is move all of your landing pages, sales pages, and other funnel pages to the system. You will immediately be able to drop all designer costs, coding costs, and even hosting costs.

Once you start using it, you’ll get immediate access to templates and funnel flows that are catered to the businesses listed above. They’ve really knocked it out of the part to make it simple for you to get up and running fast!

Get ClickFunnels Now:

ClickFunnels is the way to go for anything page and funnel building related. It’s how you will save loads of money and be able to get a funnel done and online within 30-60 minutes. It’s pretty amazing once you get in there and start clicking around.

What’s awesome is that ClickFunnels gives you a 14-day FREE trial, so you can just hop in there and give it a shot. See if you get comfortable with it and see how you can benefit from it. Sign up by clicking here for the free trial.

Once you’re in there, make sure to watch the training videos. They really handhold you through the process, so you’ll have every question answered there.

Go get ClickFunnels now (the free trial makes it a no-brainer) and reply to any of our emails if you have questions about it.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you tomorrow with another handpicked marketing tool!