How To Write Copy That Attracts Your Ideal Customer – Connor Gallagher


Connor Gallagher is my go-to copywriter. He writes the sales copy for all of my information products as well as for a lot of the clients in our agency business. I brought him to discuss how he writes copy that so accurately connects with my ideal customer and he completely breaks it down…

We got so deep into it that we decided to do a live followup in the coming weeks.

Here’s just a few of the other things that we discussed:

  • The killer list direct-marketers that Connor learned from
  • The quirky story of Connor’s first sales letter
  • Why you shouldn’t use high-brow names to describe your products
  • Some counterintuitive advice about following other success cases
  • Connor’s definition of “copywriting”
  • What it means to have a buyer’s persona
  • Why even the best sales letter can fall flat, if you don’t have this thing going for you
  • How to reverse-engineer your copy to the hopes and dreams of your audience
  • The best places to find your audience talking about their problems
  • How to personalize your copy and make it believable
  • What not to do when describing the problem
  • Why most people completely overlook this page on their website
  • An amazing method to develop and list and  learn about your customers at the same time
  • Plus so much more!

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