How To Become A Pro At Online Video – Joey Xoto

Joey Xoto is a video master. He’s the guy that I turn to when I need to learn and understand video fundamentals. In fact, if you ever went through the VidForce training that I put together with Josh Bartlett, you’ll notice that Joey was one of the featured experts in the training. He knows his stuff and I’ve learned a ton from him.

Well, he’s put together a killer new software tool that makes creating online videos even easier. If you want to make your videos look amazingly professional, you need to have a look at Viddyoze, by Joey and his team!

Here’s just a few of the other things that we discussed:

  • How to create killer animations using a couple clicks.
  • How offline sales can lead to a successful online career.
  • Why you don’t need a film degree to make professional video.
  • A great location to start diving into the online marketing world.
  • The catalyst that led Joey down the info-product path.
  • The influencers to look towards to create a true impact.
  • Why software can make such a large impact on the world.
  • How to connect with the ideal partners for your business.
  • Why partnering is so powerful in your business.
  • The reasons you absolutely must use video in your business.
  • The various ways video can be used in your business.
  • Why vulnerability and screwing up your videos is a powerful marketing tactic.
  • The equipment Joey and his team use for amazing video.
  • How to create Facebook video ads that are super effective.
  • How to get past being uncomfortable on camera.
  • Why there’s various “Video Phases” of your business and how to handle them.
  • Where to get music to use in your videos.
  • How to shortcut the process of creating killer animation videos.
  • Plus so much more!

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