Telling Your Story With Narrative Marketing – Ian Chandler


Ian Chandler is an author and professional content marketer from Kent, Ohio. He is currently studying English at Kent State University, but has already published his first book: “The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing.” He has written several articles and blog posts aiming to help other freelance writers learn the basics of getting started in the industry and works closely with several businesses on their content marketing strategies, list building, and lead generation strategies including Haircut Inspiration. He is the editor for Nukeblogge – an online blog dedicated to helping people learn more about blogging, freelancing, and content marketing – as well as a contributing writer for Freedom With Writing. His work has also appeared on sites like The Penny Hoarder and TechGyo.

Here’s just a few of the other things that we discussed:

  • The secret place to find high-paying clients
  • Exactly how to share your blogs without getting in trouble
  • How to differentiate yourself as a writer
  • The pivotal shift in Ian’s marketing thought (from the mind of Seth Godin)
  • The best way to rethink your marketing strategy
  • Why you need to focus less on conversion metrics and what you should focus on instead
  • What is a user story and why do you need to create one
  • The five steps to a narrative and how to understand your customer’s journey
  • Why you need to define your customer avatar (or somebody else will)
  • The difference between your brand’s story and your user’s story
  • How a Reebok bus-stop ad created a narrative of triumph
  • What you should never do when you talk about the benefits of your product
  • How you can revolutionize your brand by focusing on what happens AFTER the sale
  • A great strategy to developing your writing ability
  • Plus so much more!

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