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Software entrepreneur Paul Clifford has over 25 years of experience building, growing, and maintaining desktop and mobile software apps for marketing firms around the world. Before starting his highly successful online marketing software company, KudaniCloud, he worked as a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Customer Officer with several large companies. He fondly remembers the first software tool that he built, Colleague, for the recruitment industry which has since been sold and resold for several million dollars. Additionally, Paul has been involved in several start-ups over the years, one of which has sold for over $38-Million in 2011 as well as published an e-book to help online marketers learn basic and powerful techniques to build content marketing strategies and techniques that have been proven to improve ROI.

Most recently, Paul has launched a tool to help you build a mailing list from your content. Designrr takes your existing blog posts (or other people’s blog posts) and turns them into beautiful ebooks that you can give away in exchange for an email address. This tactic is something that I’ve done successfully for years. Giving away PDF downloadable versions of your blog posts works extremely well to grow the list…

We talk about it all in this episode…

Here’s just a few of the other things that we discussed:

  • The easiest types of software to build.
  • A step-by-step process to find the right developers.
  • The secret “keyword” technique that ensures you find quality workers.
  • How to figure out how much to pay for an outsourced team member.
  • How to create an avatar to make all of your content marketing easier.
  • A simple strategy to figure out exactly what content your avatar wants.
  • How to use Amazon to get a ton of content ideas.
  • A brilliant strategy to “mine” reviews on Amazon.
  • The “FAQ” and “SAQ” strategies that you can use to create your next 20 blog posts.
  • Several techniques to quickly write content when you don’t like writing.
  • How to successfully “curate” other people’s content to build your own brand.
  • The strategy that you can steal from Oprah to grow your own platform.
  • How to turn your blog and your content into a “Lead Machine”.
  • How to effectively use a “Content Upgrade” to build a mailing list.
  • What to give away to build your list that doesn’t require any additional work.
  • The simple tool that you can use to build your email freebie.
  • Words to avoid when asking for the opt-in.
  • How to use the Designrr tool to easily land new agency clients (this is brilliant).
  • Plus so much more!

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