From Magic Trick Hustler To Recognizable Internet Marketer – Jason Moffatt


Internet marketing sensation Jason Moffatt was not born with a magic wand in his hand. His “rags to riches” story began after losing his job, car, home, and eventually his wife. With no income, no transportation, and no home, he was stuck in a rut and needed to figure out a plan to make a better life for himself. After moving to a secluded area in Portland, Oregon and bouncing from job to job, Jason decided to buckle down and learn the techniques needed to become a successful internet marketer. While his previous business and money-making methods have taught him many valuable lessons about business, money management, and marketing, he attributes much of his current success to other professional marketing gurus who has taught him how to turn his raw marketing talent into a successful career.

Jason is the founder and President of Jason Moffatt, Inc., and online marketing firm dedicated to helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives grow their online presence through his proven Internet marketing techniques, helping them sell more products, gain more customers, and expand their businesses.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • How Jason created his first info-product with vhs tapes
  • The power of going to where the buyers already are
  • The eye opening moment Jason had about buyers
  • The craigslist arbitrage method Jason was using in his early days of entrepreneurship
  • The one trait you can use to better connect with anyone
  • The difference between trying and dabbling
  • The best way to find out if something in business is going to work
  • How Jason landed $7,500 from his first copywriting client
  • The power of having money on the line
  • The BEST kind of traffic there is
  • How to teammate up with your “competitors”
  • How Jason gets a piece of the pie instead of the typical coaching and consulting model
  • What Jason looks for in an ideal client
  • The motivator that Jason uses to get his clients to follow through
  • Jason’s method to getting good results with email marketing
  • How to improve your marketing by listening to others
  • The tactic Jason uses to “level” with his audience to get more sales
  • Jason’s best advice to get people to know you
  • Plus so much more!

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