Get Your Personal Finances In Order – Wendy Kim


President, Founder, and Financial Coach at Your Dream Realized, Wendy Kim has helped hundreds of people across the nation learn the necessary techniques to get out of debt, budget their money, and achieve their dreams of starting a business and growing their wealth. She is a self-proclaimed “recovering moneyholic” who genuinely understands the overwhelming and stressful feeling of reviewing credit card and bank account statements, worrying how she will provide for her family. After living (unhappily) in debt, frustrated and tired of her financial situation, she decided to take action.

Wendy is an Economics graduate from Georgetown University and has personally trained with Dave Ramsey. She has developed the skills to learn how to take control of her finances, pay off her debt, and build her personal wealth. Now, she passionately coaches other individuals how to take control of their finances and live the life they deserve.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • How Wendy went from recovering shopaholic to successful entrepreneur
  • Why 5% of managing money is math and the other 95% is emotions and behavior
  • Why you need to find the behaviors that are limiting you from your financial and life goals and modify them
  • The importance of teaching your kids at a young age about wealth and debt
  • How to have a financially powered mindset
  • The #1 reason people become millionaires
  • What it actually takes to build wealth that is completely different than what most have learned about it
  • The exact steps Wendy takes a client through to build wealth and eliminate debt
  • The “exercise trick” to overcome spending to reset the behavior
  • The best way to pay off debt using the debt snowball approach
  • The power behind focusing on something to get results and how to do this to become more aware of debt and wealth
  • Why the small things have such a huge impact on your bottom line
  • The saying no once per day method to get better with your spending habits
  • The old fashioned way Wendy has used to build her business and get clients
  • How Wendy uses vulnerable content on her blog to better connect with her audience

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