How To Build A Content Business Machine


Special episode today – Loz James of the Content Champion Podcast interviews yours truly – Today we cover everything you need to become the master of your content marketing business and dive deep in to the “how to” of succeeding.

Grab a pen and paper, this is a note-taking episode!

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • Matt’s progression from complete beginner to launching his own courses and building million dollar businesses.
  • What a content business machine is and why it’s so powerful!
  • The foundation of a content business machine
  • The BIG mistake so many people make choosing a niche and how to pick a winner
  • The power behind having “skin in the game” to get your business off the ground
  • What a niche must have to be profitable
  • The three main categories Matt recommends for choosing a good niche
  • Matt’s open book approach to selling online
  • An easy way to sell and why most people overthink it
  • An unique method Matt uses to write high quality, in depth content very fast
  • Where matt goes to find high quality writers for his blogs
  • The easiest ways to create content fast
  • A simple hack Matt uses to turn audio content into blog posts and ebooks
  • The tool Matt uses to get people to subscribe from his blog
  • The “content upgrade technique” for building subscribers fast
  • The email marketing methods Matt uses to get amazing results and how often you should mail your list
  • A simple Linkedin strategy you can use to instantly get more traffic to your blog
  • Matt’s low budget advertising strategy for getting maximum reach with his content
  • How to follow your audience everywhere they go online with Matt’s branding and ninja retargeting tactics
  • The advanced content marketing tactic Matt uses to get shares and traffic on his blog content (and how to do this on every post you write)

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