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Entrepreneur Brandee Sweesy loves Google Hangouts – so much so that she has built an entire online business helping other entrepreneurs and business owners improve their marketing efforts, engage their audiences, and increase their revenue by teaching them how to incorporate and use Google Hangouts, and specifically YouTube ads, in their businesses. She has been named as a “Hangout Marketing Expert” by several key industry influencers and has been interviewed dozens of times by well-known podcasters including Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.

Brandee is an upbeat, professional marketing and personal development expert passionate about helping other business owners and entrepreneurs excel in their business. When she’s not helping aspiring and established entrepreneurs, she can often be found with her “nose in a book” reading and studying, learning new ways to help people achieve success, and today she goes through Matt’s YouTube channel and give actionable advice that you can use for your YouTube channel. Get out your notepads – this episode is chock full of actionable steps to improve your YouTube channel andincrease your conversions and listenership!

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • How Brandee got into Google Hangouts and built her business so fast.
  • What Google Adwords looks for on your channel when approving ads
  • The reason why a lot of new channels trying to advertise don’t get their ads served
  • Why Brandee thinks everyone needs a YouTube channel
  • The main components you MUST have on your YouTube channel
  • Why you need a trailer video and a great one to use as an example
  • The importance of setting up playlists for your YouTube channel
  • An inside look into what Brandee does when reviewing a client’s channel as she goes through Matt’s YouTube channel and drops a ton of tips for optimization
  • The reason people are on YouTube and why you need to speak their language to be successful
  • The one type of video that outranks all other YouTube videos
  • The one place you should always put your call-to-actions in your descriptions
  • The titling method that works way better on YouTube than the click-bait style headlines
  • Why big brands fail on YouTube while others thrive
  • The importance of capturing people’s attention in the first 5 seconds of your ads
  • The one type of ad you should NEVER run on YouTube
  • The metric that Brandy solely focuses on when optimizing YouTube ads
  • The exact length you should make your YouTube ads to reduce ad costs
  • Brandee’s bid high budget low strategy
  • Brandee reveals her secret sauce for success with YouTube ads
  • Why new people to youtube ads are “monkeys with machine guns”
  • What you must have at every stage in your marketing to be successful with YouTube ads
  • Why Tai Lopez has been so successful on YouTube and the things he does so well that others should mimic
  • A simple $5 to $10 per day plan to build your channel authority
  • The step-by-step process that Brandee goes through when setting up a client’s ads
  • Plus so much more!

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