Customer Service Strategies That Shape Your Brand – Dario Cucci


Sales guru Dario Cucci has helped hundreds of business owners throughout his career double their company’s profits for over a decade. His career started out as a waiter and bartender, feeling unsatisfied with the direction of his life and career. From there, he decided to become a personal trainer in the fitness field, although this too left him feeling unfulfilled. Dario became interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming and since then, his career took off in unimaginable ways. His passion for helping business owners achieve better results drove him to become highly successful in his sales career.

Shortly after becoming an NLP Master Practitioner, he began using his newfound skills to help business owners and solopreneurs learn how to use their subconscious mind to make an impact on their company’s bottom line. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and well-known businesses throughout Australia and the world achieve successful results in an impressively short amount of time through his powerful coaching and training methods.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • Why you Need to stop putting so much focus on new customers and focus on THIS instead
  • What the easiest sale is to make.
  • Why 95% of companies are shooting themselves in the foot
  • How to use the “reframing tool” to better connect to your audience
  • How to properly communicate your sales message without being pushy and avoid refunds
  • How Dario uses NLP techniques to better communicate with customers
  • How to use empathy in customer service
  • The strategy Dario used to get a 70% retention rate for one of his clients
  • How to listen between the lines to find the REAL want of your customer
  • How to get customers with conversations that ACTUALLY add value
  • The precall booking strategy that gets new business
  • How to use automation to start the conversation with your customer
  • A weekly email technique to open up the lines of communication with your customers
  • Plus so much more!

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