How To 10X Book Sales & Unusual Pricing Strategies – Tom Morkes


CEO of Insurgent Publishing, Tom Morkes has lived a fascinating life. His story of how he became a highly successful entrepreneur turned CEO of a major publishing company begins long before he decided to use his writing and publishing skills for the betterment of the publishing world. Tom was a United States Army officer and platoon leader, serving his country in an airborne unit. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point and serving five years of active duty, he dived into the exciting world of freelancing and male modeling. He has learned many lessons throughout his military, entrepreneur, and publishing experiences and he shares those lessons with thousands of interested individuals across the country who are seeking a successful career.

When Tom isn’t helping writers and authors publish and market their future bestselling books, he can be found blogging and podcasting about the many lessons he has learned throughout his career. Tom believes that “people need you to instigate.” This is a lesson that he has learned through his military service and applies to his business and lessons. He teaches new and veteran creatives how to take their businesses to the next level through his creative and inspiring blog articles, podcast episodes, books, essays, and newsletters. His lessons have helped thousands of entrepreneurs take action and achieve their dreams.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed:

  • The quarter of million dollar business model of “giving stuff away”
  • The five pillars of authority
  • All the outlets Tom Reaches out to when promoting a book launch
  • How Tom has been able to raise his rates 3 to 5 times what he used to charge
  • The truth about making money from books and what you might not expect
  • The few questions Tom asks a potential client before EVER committing any time to them.
  • The Strategy Tom uses behind his book launches
  • The two types of audiences you can leverage for a powerful book launch and the one you can use even if you’re starting from scratch!
  • How Tom Segments different audiences for even more traction on book launches
  • The one thing most authors turn down although it’s one of the BEST strategies for a successful book launch
  • How a successful book launch is similar to growing a blog, podcast, or any other online platform
  • The right way to approach outlets when you are trying to get them to promote your book a launch
  • An underutilized place for authors to get their name and information about their books out
  • A unique pricing model that works well for some markets and products
  • Why a fixed pricing model can actually limit the amount of money you make
  • The type of customers that get better results and remain a customer longer
  • The Guinness Book World Record Summit Tom is running
  • Plus so much more!

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