How To Create Authority Through Live Streaming – Casey Zeman

Casey Zeman is the founder of EasyWebinar and, an analytics tool for Periscope. As the creator of one of the only Periscope analytics and automation tools on the market, Casey has access to amazing data and insights about Periscope.

In this episode, Casey and I really dive into the authority building power of Periscope. Live streaming is one of the ultimate ways to be seen as a credible expert and thought leader and Casey can back up the tactics with hard data.

You can find a newer interview with Casey Zeman here

Here’s just a taste of some of the things that we discussed on this episode:

  • The best advice Casey received to jumpstart his online career.
  • What is the “Ultimate Authority Builder?”
  • How to structure a giveaway on Periscope.
  • How to get more followers for your broadcasts.
  • The way to title a broadcast to get a ton of showups.
  • A strategy to get discovered when you have no followers.
  • How to get other influencers to talk about you.
  • How to track the effectiveness of your Periscope broadcasts.
  • What you should do immediately after broadcasting.
  • How to get sponsors for your Periscope broadcasts.
  • The future of live broadcasting (this stuff got real fascinating!).
  • How to create an entire media empire around Periscope.
  • Why you should be paying attention to SnapChat.
  • Plus so much more!

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