Steps To Building A Brand (From A Branding Expert) – Parham Nabatian


Parham Nabatian is a marketing guru and the founder of Infinite Communications, currently working as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Param lives, eats, and breathes marketing and strategy. Having an education background from the University of California where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communications and earned a certificate in Marketing, he enjoys helping businesses strategize and achieve their marketing goals, both on- and offline.

Parham has been recognized in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal as one of the top 20 business leaders under 30 years old. He is known throughout the business community as the “Networking Master.”

Really hang in there on this one. Around 35 minutes in, we start riffing on social media, networking, copywriting, and sales… The golden nuggets start to fly. We really dive in and discuss a true game plan that anyone could use to create strong relationships and sell to your ideal clients.

Here’s just a taste of some of the things that we discussed on this episode:

  • How to tap into your existing network to start a business.
  • The steps that you should take to start a new brand.
  • How to use Facebook and other organic social media to land clients.
  • Why the language you use effects your brand.
  • The reason why personal branding is NOT right for everyone.
  • Why you should stop blogging on your own website.
  • How to become a master at networking.
  • Simple strategies to really connect with anyone in conversation.
  • How to truly find your authentic voice for your marketing.
  • Plus so much more…

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