Learn To “Growth Hack” And Scale A Business On Limited Budget – Jeff Goldenberg


Jeff Goldenberg is a small business and entrepreneur expert and author that has helped hundreds of businesses climb the ladder to success. Currently, he is the head of the marketing and growth team at Borrowell, a start-up financial services company.

Jeff and his co-author, Jeff Hayes, recently completed a book called The Growth Hackers Guide to the Galaxy which was backed by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. The book features 100 “Growth Hacks” from startups that leveraged insanely creative ideas to scale their businesses and raise awareness for their brands.

This conversation was so much fun and we went in so many different directions on this one. You’re going to love Jeff’s story and all of the amazing lessons that he’s learned along the way!

Here’s just a taste of some of the things that we discussed on this episode:

  • The “brand extension” strategy that allows you to sell with instant credibility by leveraging other people’s brands.
  • How to get in contact with the top people at large brands in order to strategically partner with them.
  • When to reach out to the big names for maximum potential of success.
  • The real key to success when deciding that it’s time to build a personal brand.
  • What “Growth Hacking” is and why it applies to you, your business, and your brand.
  • How to create exponential growth on small budgets through growth marketing.
  • Examples of massive companies that have used some of these tactics to create stratospheric growth.
  • What the common themes were that came up over and over again, interviewing tons of successful startups.
  • How to write a book that will become a massive resource guide.
  • An exact formula you can use to reverse engineer how successful a Kickstarter campaign will be.
  • What to do to improve your chances of success with a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Plus so much more…

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