How To Be A Celebrity In Your Own Little World – AJ Roberts


AJ Roberts has grown to be a bit of a niche celebrity in the fitness world. He’s part of the wildly popular podcast, Barbell Shrugged. He was one of the guys behind one of the most popular live events in the marketing world, the Underground Seminar. He’s been featured in big publications, magazines, tv and more. His core business is teaching gym owners to systematize and grow their gym memberships.

AJ is kind of a big deal in that fitness world and today we’ve got him on the show to talk about how he built that celebrity. We also dive into how anyone can look at the bigger picture when building their business and focus on building a conscious business.

Here’s just a taste of some of the things that we discussed on this episode:

  • The steps that AJ took to build his personal brand.
  • The single best piece of advice he has to get featured everywhere.
  • Why you should never turn down exposure opportunities.
  • How to parlay one brand building opportunity into many more and build momentum.
  • How to think bigger than yourself when growing your business.
  • Steps you can take to build a conscious business.
  • Plus more.

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