How To Reach Out To Bloggers And Podcasters The Right Way – Alex Berman


Alex Berman is the Chief Marketer at Inspire Beats, a company that will send you leads. If you have a business and you need more b2b leads, Alex’s company will make the phone ring.

What grabbed my attention about what Alex is doing is how he reaches out to people. He has an incredibly effective method to get influencers, bloggers, and podcasters to respond to him.

Here’s just a taste of some of the things that we discussed on this episode:

  • How to find the email address of pretty much anyone.
  • The exact script you should use to reach out to someone and get a response.
  • Why Alex has moved his focus to podcast outreach.
  • The single best “trick” to make content marketing work.
  • The best subject line to get your emails opened.
  • The lessons learned from sending over 1 million cold emails.
  • Why conferences are such an underutilized source of business leads.
  • Plus more.

After this episode was done, Alex commented that this was such a dense, pure content packed podcast. There’s so much good stuff in here!

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