How The EGP “Ecosystem” Gave Me Over 702% ROI!

This was written by Omari and we thought it’d be great to share with you. Use this as a way to see what’s possible when you implement a handful of strategies from the EGP Letter each month.

I first heard of Matt Wolfe back in 2012-2013 through Henry Evans. Henry runs a local marketing group in San Diego, California and spoke about Matt during one of the meetings.

It wasn’t until around 2014 that I met Matt face-to-face. He was easy to approach and very humble. It wasn’t until late 2016 when I met Joe Fier. Matt asked me to help him out with some copywriting so we were able to get to know each other a little better.

Needless to say, when the EGP Letter was offered I was one of the first people to jump onboard.  At the time I wasn’t concerned with how good it was, I just wanted to support Matt and Joe, because I believe they both have knowledge and experience to make sense of the messy world of digital marketing.

To be completely honest, I don’t separate digital and offline marketing. I could care less about the medium, I focus on direct response marketing principles. Matt and Joe at the heart are direct response marketers.

The biggest benefit I get from the EGP Letter is the step-by-step instructions. Mainly, because I realized my biggest problem is I have most of my knowledge in my head. Through the EGP Letter I learned how to systematize my business (still a work in progress, but I am making progress).

Another big benefit in being an EGP member is getting access to what I call the “EGP Eco-System”, the newsletter, podcast, FB community, and online training. Everything put out works synergistically with the other.

Many people may not realize this and I don’t know if Matt and Joe did this on purpose, but the deeper benefit from being a member is gaining knowledge from their podcast guests on the Hustle & Flowchart Podcast. Without the EGP eco-system, I would’ve never come across guys like Aaron Fletcher, Brad Spencer, Connor Gallagher, Gonzalo Paternoster, and others.

So let me share the things I’ve taken away from the EGP Letter…

  1. Key Step Tutorial Process (EGP Letter Issue #1)… This was key to helping explain complex processes to my clients and setting up my own systems. I’ve also used this process to leverage my VAs.
  2. Podcasting (EGP Letter Issue #2)… I took some of my content to start a podcast on Soundcloud. Although I haven’t gone full steam on the podcast, I do have the pieces in place for when I’m ready to roll it out. I do make it a point to take my video content and strip the audio for my Soundcloud account.

  3. Other People’s Content (EGP Letter Issue #3)… This tactic is a game-changer. I realized I didn’t always have to come up with new content. In fact, my small audience and prospects love the articles, videos, and resources I share with them. It helps me stay top of mind and give value. Sharing other people’s content helps my prospects look at me as their resource for good marketing tips and tricks. I share content in my emails and Facebook groups.
  4. Copywriting – Writing Headlines (EGP Letter Issue #5)… In the world of copywriting, developing good headlines is key! A headline should be able to stand on its own without the rest of the copy. I was always taught when you write a headline, you should be able to put the headline with a call-to-action. If it’s good, you’ll get a response (think of the old school “classified ads”). The headline formula shared by Matt and Joe was a big reminder for me. If you are doing Facebook ads, your headline writing skills need to be on point!   The formula covered in Issue #5 helped me to get leads for a client in an industry I’ve never worked in (healthcare).

  5. Email marketing & Brainwaves (EGP Letter Issue #6)… Email marketing is a critical part of all marketing strategies. I’m still working on emailing on a steady schedule, but the emails I do write get opened and consumed. In fact, my emails set the stage for my own print newsletter I am planning for in 2018. I have a beta group I’m learning from in a very narrow niche (firearms instructors). I was able to use my emails to get phone calls and learn more about the group, which will lead to better content and offers later on.  Issue #6 inspired me to create a content email spreadsheet for a client, which can be replicated for other clients in the future (game-changer!). The bonus… I’m using the client’s current content to populate the emails and a virtual assistant is handling all the publishing based on my instructions (remember the KST technique from Issue #1?) Oh, let’s not forget about the “Brainwaves App” recommended by Joe. I downloaded the app, which helped me to make my thinking and sleeping time more focused. I also use “[email protected]” during my work day to help me get laser focused for a specific period of time (50 minute blocks).
  6. Marketing Technology Stack & Taking Control (EGP Letter Issue #7)… I’m a “techie” at heart (17 years in IT during my Navy days). It was interesting to see I use a lot of tools used by the EGP team. I’m really happy with and Teachable! I’m currently working on getting familiar with ManyChat because it’s more important than ever to communicate with prospects online and offline. Joe wrote what I call as a “special section” in this issue about consulting. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with clients.  However, I now see how important it is to build a business that works when I don’t. My big takeaway from Joe’s talk on taking control was on affiliate marketing. I don’t make much of my income from affiliate marketing, but I do make enough to cover the cost of my tools and a little extra. It’s nice to have money come out of what seems like nowhere! (I just made over $500 from one affiliate offer without doing much, AWESOME!)

  7. TSIP Technique and Content Domination (EGP Letter Issue #9)… One of the biggest issues I find with my clients, prospects, and with myself is creating content. Issue #9 is the “Easy Button” for content creation and promotion. Here’s an example of how I’ve used the value from this issue: Email -> Blog Post. I’ve also done: Facebook Live Video -> Audio on Sound Cloud -> YouTube Video. I’m working on systematizing this in my business and using this technique for my clients. Issue #9 takes away all excuses for content creation and promotion.

I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg of the value contained in every issue of the EGP Letter.  Each issue provides a reader with a ton of actionable tactics and techniques, but with clear rhythm. Marketing is a constant process, but necessary to building a business. Any business (brick and mortar or digital), can gain tangible things to get great results.

Using the techniques recommended by Matt and Joe has given me a tangible ROI. To be transparent, I’ve spent about $250 on the EGP Letter since the beginning. By implementing the strategies and tactics contained in the EGP Letter, I’ve made about $2008.00 in affiliate income on one offer (a 702.3% ROI). Not to mention the enhancement of my consulting business which allows me to work from home and be home with my family everyday after 21.5 years of military service.

To say I’m grateful to Matt and Joe would be an understatement…

Omari Broussard

Founder of 10X Defense (Personal Defense Consulting)

Founder of Immediate Action Marketing

Consultant, The Implementation Agency (Marketing Consulting and Implementation Agency)

Facebook: omaribroussard

Omari also appeared on The Hustle & Flowchart Podcast. You can listen in on his interview here.